Fox Cricket Coverage


Cant screenshot, but Foxtel Go cuts off the score strap in fullscreen on my iPhone X


I had it on my default Australian server initially, but this didn’t work. Perhaps they are actively blocking VPNs. I use a VPN permanently and it’s always worked on the CA site.


during play?


So really no different to cricket coverage that we’ve before seen in this country. Nine and Ten last year and Seven this year could make the same claim.


Pretty much based on their statement the could show an ad at the end of every over. Plus they are incorporating sponsorship in broadcast.

  • Toyota Flying Fox
  • Hahn Super Dry on batting score card
  • Alinta Energy on the bottom graphics.


There isn’t a crowd to show… :rofl::joy::rofl:


Except that FOX Cricket doesn’t have ads at the end of an over (which technically isn’t during play either).


Well Sony showed the crowd when there was only 3 for the Pakistan VS Australia in the UAE. So why can’t Fox show it when there is around 10,000 in crowd.


Fox must be reading media spy as I’ve seen about 1/2 dozen shots of the crowd in the last 1/2 hour.


Who actually wants to see the crowd though?


Warnie. Looking for a root.

Although line of the day to Isha Guha, who said to Warne: “it’s bigger than Ponting’s though.” (awkward silence) “the book that is.”


I’ve noticed that the South African (Supersport) cricket coverage spends a lot of time focusing on those in the crowd with an XX chromosome.



Had it working earlier with vpn set to Australia so mabe just playing up.


Loving the Fox Cricket Big Break set. A simple but clean and crisp set.



Howard much better in a hosting role.


It’s nice, though it looks very similar to the SKY UK cricket set to me.


Well it’s an improvement over the cardboard cut out set 9 started using.


Yes, but Foxtel may need to change their setup in other states.

Most stadium don’t have a large open studio, unlike Perth.