Fox Cricket Coverage


Not acceptable Bacco!


So as the ODI is available on the app for everyone for free on any network, what the hell is the point of this right deal!

Why buy Fox if it’s still free for everyone? Cricket Australia just needed to walk next door and speak to the team at Supercars and see what happened to that sport once it signed a deal like this.

What’s next is there going to be a winter season of cricket cause it’s just not popular in summer now? Just like the Supercars are wanting to bring their season to summer? Wtf!! :man_facepalming: Massive failure, massive!!


I see FOX Cricket started their pre game for today’s ODI a whole 80 minutes before the first ball was scheduled to be bowled.

I know it’s a cricket channel, but that’s taking overkill to a whole new level.


30 min pre game show would have been better.


The score graphics are hideous.

The Sifon will not be happy… Mark Howard doing play by play.

I find Adam Gilchrist cringey in a hosting role. He should just be an analyst.

The best thing about the fox line is Isha Guha or whatever her name is. She is excellent.


so Mark Howard won’t even be doing MotoGP this afternoon for 10 Boss. Don’t tell me they have got Sam Charlwood in for Howie.


Darcy Short’s 2nd ball duck reminded me…

No more animated duck accompanying the batter on his walk back to the pavilion!!!


I think you’ll find “traditional” elements like the duck graphic and the regular mikes will feature in the test matches.


I would be surprised if the “duck” returns on Seven or for Test matches, as broadcasters will probably see that as a Nine thing, and will want to have their own innovations.


Something that hasn’t been discussed, what do others think about CA’s fixture this season? In particular the start of the internationals, I feel today is way too early, yes it’s been getting earlier and earlier but late November at the earliest, I’d prefer just December and January excluding Ashes in the UK or the CWC.

I saw someone mention (forgot where I saw it) that today’s ODI was the least anticipated cricket event in recent memory, I mean in terms of publicity, starting officially on Foxtel certainly doesn’t help!


And the Melbourne Cup hasn’t even been run yet, good Lord can we get major horse racing out of the way first before cricket! Archaic and Melburnian view and I’ve mentioned it before how I like separation in my year (cricket > tennis > footy > horse racing > golf > cricket) with exceptions of Olympics/Comm Games or whatever.

But just too early for mine to have my full focus on cricket.


Starting from the Test matches onwards. Shane Warne doing the voiceover for the yet unnamed duck.


It’s probably a by product of the broadcast deal, Cricket Australia wanted more $$$$ and so had to supply more cricket to help justify it.


So much for ad break free. There’s ads in the drinks break.


The live stream via the CA website isn’t working on desktop for me; I get a geoblock error. I’ve tried my VPN on New Zealand and Germany but this doesn’t fix it.


In theory it should work if you set your VPN to Australia.

Mark Howard is the odd one out in that commentary team. Not really sure why he’s there when he would be the perfect fit for Seven’s coverage with Tim Lane and Alison whatshername.

First time hearing him today and already “edged to 3rd man”. Richie would be spinning in his grave.


According to Cricinfo the game is free today because Fox Sports have not launched their standalone sports streaming app yet, which was intended to replace the Cricket Australia live pass as per the contract.


Well my impressions so far.:

The good:

Graphics - Graphics are clean and crisp. They are simple, non intrusive and serve their purpose. They are way less intrusive than 9 who’s graphics took over bottom 3rd of screen. Are they to bright? I don’t think. I felt that the colours were toned down from JLT Cup.

Commentary - good balance in commentary. Glad to have 3 back in the box as it provides much more. Analysis of play has been brilliant and comprehensive. Shane and Aisha are my favourites so far.

Pre-game - yes went for 80 mins but I feel this is important in connecting the new commentary team with the audience. Also provided a good opportunity to provide meaningful analysis that will be good as more games are played. I always felt 9 lacked in this area. I felt their analysis (particularly post game) was soft.

Flying fox - good utilisation of spider cam. Great to see it was used for interviews. Even better that it want just Aussie players but Rabbada from South Africa as well.

Where they could improve-

  1. the transition between commentary stints. The awkward silence for 30-60 seconds is weird. Play some music or replay some highlights from last 30mins.

  2. Show a bowling card update us on bowling stats.

  3. Promote the 4K in your broadcast. There had been only 1 plug for it so far. Maybe display an occasional graphic reminding viewers that the game is being broadcast in 4K on channel 444.

  4. Show us the crowd. Cameras have not really shown us the crowd. It might help in getting them more involved as they dance around being shown on the big screen.

  5. Make use of the fox cricket lab in between overs to really rip apart a key play from over (might help on those commentary change awkward silence moments.


There have been some very negative tweets as expected about the lack of FTA coverage but I like this one regarding the AUS team’s performance.


And at fall of wicket - what does “ad break free” mean?


The claim states “ad break free during play”. So technically no cricket is played after a wicket or during a drink break so they are meeting their statement.