Fox Cricket Coverage


May I ask which MS members have a Foxtel subscription with Fox Cricket access? Interested.




Me too :smiley:


Also have a Foxtel sports subscription myself


Even heard it on the 6am news on Triple M. The outrage kicks off early


i do


yep. even brought a new 50" 4K tv in preperation


yep! Bought a new 65" 4K TV for it :slight_smile:


I see a trend.


I bought a CRT TV off eBay and attached an SD set top box to watch Channel 7’s coverage


I have foxtel but I would prefer cricket on free to air. It’s not necessary for cricket to to be on pay tv.


The foxtel cricket app seems to have no chromecast.



It is necessary for cricket to be on Foxtel…but only for the continuing revenue generating purposes of News Corp & Rupert Murdoch (keeps people hooked up over Summer rather than just cancelling in October and signing back up again in March when the football seasons start again), certainly not for the average consumer.


Foxtel needs cricket, cricket didn’t need Foxtel.


Is there a cost involved with that?


I’ve had a 55" 4k TV for a while, but it’s in storage while i’m between permanent accommodation


I’m tempted to get a 75" Sony X90F lol


Appears to be free on the CA app right now.


Probably just to showcase Fox coverage. There’s little buzz around the ODIs with the current team at the moment.


Some caps from the CA app