First song played on the launch of a new station?


A “last” song of sorts. Melbourne community aspirant Hitz FM used to close off all of its test broadcasts with the song It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

YouTube: LikeNew09


Yeah pretty sure ‘Wonderful World’ was #1 at the time too.


Last song Stereo 10 played this week prior to going back to race one at Dapto… ‘See ya later alligator’ - Bill Haley and the Comets.


Hearing this song on the today reminded me of another last song.

The last song played on 4IP before changing to Radio 10 was Hello, Goodbye by the Beatles.


Another first/last…

Spectrum’s I’ll Be Gone was not only the last playlisted song on 3XY when it closed in 1991, it was also the last song played on 3AK “where no wrinklies fly” on Thursday 31 May 1973 before 3AK became Beautiful Music the next day. (Source: Nostalgia Central)

The first song on 3AK Beautiful Music, launched 1 June 1973, was the instrumental If You Could Read My Mind from Franck Pourcel. (Source: The Age, 31 May 1973)


Pretty sure this was the first song played on Max Headroom…


Last song on 1377 Classic Rock Radio was The Doors- The End


Does anyone know what the first song was on the recent launch of The Wave in Mandurah?


According to this link, the first song played on The Wave at 12:00am AWST on Monday 1st October was “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears for Fears.

The last song played as 6MM just before Midnight of 30th September/1st October was “Spinning Around” by Kylie Minogue.


Thanks. Thought they might have tried to incorporate a couple of songs with “wave” themes. Plenty out there - Sailing, Cool Change, Katrina and the Waves LOL


This one would have been perfect:

As an aside, I think the first song played on Vega 95.3 was “Wavelength” by Van Morrison.


Perfect farewell song for any station:


“Bye Bye Bye” (N Sync) has been used as the final song on couple of stations before a relaunch. I think MIX106.5 used that before charging to KIIS.


As did Mix 101.1


and SAFM before the launch of hit107