First Dates

Yeah, it’s a bit rough to call this trash TV. The show doesn’t really take itself too seriously and doesn’t over-egg the drama.

Really? So how bad does it have to be to qualify as trash?

Love Island territory or Married at First Sight. I find those shows unwatchable because they’re so over the top but First Dates incorporates a bit of humour without being trashy and is not a full blown faux-soap.

I think it helps we don’t see the pairings ever again after one episode. I’m not saying it’s the greatest TV show ever made but I wouldn’t class it as trash.

Fair enough. I agree. I’ve watched bits of First Date but couldn’t stay interested for long. I find those other shows completely unbearable though.

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Monday 18 June at 8:45pm

Auditions are now open for the fourth season. Closing on the 15th of April.

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If Seven haven’t randomly scheduled the show everywhere for the past two years this show would probably still do alright in the ratings (heck, maybe even be Seven’s version of MAFS/Bachelor). Now it’s just dying in a hell hole.



Auditions are now open for people in the hospitality industry to work during the fourth season.

IIRC the first three seasons were filmed in a real restaurant in Sydney CBD. Looks like Seven has changed the tactic and made a temporary restaurant and recruited staff, similar to Hell’s Kitchen Australia.

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Season 4


Coming Soon

On FIRST DATES, real people go on blind dates in a restaurant with a unique twist.
They’ve come from right across the country to face the most intense night of their lives.
Discreet cameras follow every date…and every move!

They’ve been matched on their likes and dislikes. Some will sizzle. Some will crash and burn. What happens next is up to them!

At the end of the night, they must decide… will they go on a second date.

Episode 1

Welcome to the First Dates restaurant; a place where the magic happens! First up to find love is none other than TV legend, Paula Duncan. Matching her up with well-travelled silver-fox, Jeff.

Next up, are first-time daters, Scarlett and Colby. They spend their evening navigating unknown items on the menu.

To find love as big as her laugh is English girl, Amy. Bodybuilder Quinton can’t seem to handle Amy’s intense laugh.

Last on a date tonight is Nicole and Andrew. Although they seem to be a good match, Nicole’s horrible eating skills take an unexpected turn.

Why give away the endings?

Agree - I have deleted the endings!

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Returns Tuesday 28 January at 7:30 pm

Why does this show always feel like it’s just put wherever 7 has a gap in their schedule, won’t this just have to make way for MKR the following week?

Have there been many promos? Announcing a launch date only just over a week out seems like an interesting strategy.

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Or will it start on 7 and move to 7flix… same maybe with Temptation Island?
Or will both start off in an earlier timeslot then move later when MKR/Pooch Perfect begin?

Not a great idea. They should keep it consistent.

They should’ve launched MKR yesterday or next week so that they can build an audience before MAFS returns.


Former model Simone Holtznagel, who competed on season 4 of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, has signed up for the new season of First Dates.

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Really enjoying this series. I like the way the restaurant staff have more of a role in the show.

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