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Milton is my local MP and I’ve noticed in the last week quite a few “Milton Works for you” billboards going up in the area. i can only think of 3 reasons

1 - they are worried he will lose his seat

2 - a snap election will be called soon

3 - he needs to use up his advertising budget for FY 23/24 so they don’t cut it for next year

Don’t think an election will be this year. Surely they want to avoid the toxicity around the QLD election towards the QLD Labor party who are going to get wiped out.

Wait until next year when people have forgotten about that and simply don’t care.

I know Labor got a massive haircut in Inala this year at the by-election (which is in Oxley I believe) but Oxley itself doesn’t seem like a seat that would be at risk of being lost on a federal level (e.g. after that bout with Hanson Labor’s won it each election despite the landslide losses in 2013 and 2019). Milton Dick is the speaker but I wonder if that has prevented him from being more involved in advocacy and engagement in the community?

Then again, maybe as a local you might understand the electorate better.

I may be somewhat biased, as Milton is a friend (full disclosure: I am an ALP member), but he remains actively involved in the community. He frequently collaborates with Jess Pugh, our local state member, at street stalls. Additionally, he’s a regular at school events like fetes, quiz nights, and similar gatherings.

I also fail to see it. Even in affluent areas like Jindalee, which boasts a strong LNP base (the majority of the electorate is represented by an LNP councilor), the remainder of the electorate is predominantly working class. Queenslanders, despite facing criticism, are quite skilled at differentiating between local, state, and federal issues.


Dutton refusing to give a 2030 target this side of the election. He will dump it, and announce conditions after the election.

So essentially he will have Australia by the balls if he gets in, and they will do whatever they want.

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So Dutton’s 2025 election promises:

  1. Roll back Stage 3 tax cuts in its current form (at least that’s what Sussan Ley publicly said).

  2. Break the Paris Commitment, even though they want to allegedly achieve net zero by 2050.

  3. Claiming nuclear energy is the way out but put out policies of nothingness.

  4. Roll back industrial reforms that Labor made.

  5. Cut back immigration to the point that we won’t have anyone back in, but there’s still a shortage of housing.

  6. Pretend they care about ethnic communities by yelling on top of the hill about antisemitism but refusing to call out Islamaphobia in the same way.

  7. Pretend they care about national security by making scaremongering claims about Labor and NZYQ when it was the High Court that released him and the 150 so-called ‘hardcore criminals’, whilst forgetting that even Australian criminals who committed their crimes are released back into society once their sentence finished.

  8. Pretending they think they know Australia’s national security by continuing to taunt China.

  9. Claim that they have a ‘united’ partyroom when the likes of Barnaby Joyce and the Nationals going rogue about net zero and renewables.

Such election winning policies. Yet knowing the electorate people still want to vote for them. It’s mind-boggling.


Good analysis.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Dutton post the election. The LNP need a bit of a circuit breaker, clean out, rejig. I was a LNP voter historically, however it’s near impossible for me to even consider them until the place is gutted. I think they won’t have my vote until the 2040s.

I just don’t know what it’s going to take, to get the whole party on board. While the likes of the Nats are attached, with hacks like Joyce and Canavan hanging around, the place is cooked. They will need to rely on Labor stuffups, internal fighting etc, to get up. I don’t think the Labor party of today, is that of 15 years ago. It’s going to be harder for the LNP to rely on fatigue and incompetence from the other side.

Dutton must be tone deaf as the states have said they don’t want Nuclear. He needs Victoria on board but Jacinta Allan has already shot down that idea.

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Yet according to their mates at Sky News, they have to pitch further to the right to allegedly win. It’s just preposterous to think becoming even more extreme right wing is going to win you more votes.

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:rofl: :rofl:

It’s possible the Liberal party may never return to what it was. Look at the Republican party in the US, they seem irretrievably hijacked by Trump and the hillbillies. It’s not coming back.

I don’t disagree with you… but you call everything extreme right wing. At some point the phrase just loses all meaning. You probably think even Albo is right wing.


Right on cue.

It appears she’s not the only one. Talk about a ‘United’ partyroom.

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Liberal Moderates stand aside!

Littleproud out today advising the Nuclear plants will all be in Nats seats with existing Coal plants. Including Gippsland….then this from Jacinta Allan…

The Victorian Premier on Thursday said she wanted to make it “absolutely clear that nuclear energy will never be part of the mix here” under her party’s tenure.

Darren Chester has been quiet on nuclear, I wonder if nuclear in Gippland would push him to quit the Nats and become an independent/teal?

He’s been a bit ‘two-way’ on it. Not ruling it out complete but not really supporting it unlike the feral MPs in QLD, NSW and WA.

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So because they support nuclear they are ‘feral’? A bit of a strong term to describe them based off one issue?

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More like their delusions about climate change and unabashed support for coal. I’d question if they’re even mildly supportive of nuclear given that you have the likes of Matt Canavan, Barnaby Joyce and co calling for more coal mines. It’s as if these guys’ heads are so thick the concept of climate change and its effects doesn’t penetrate through their brains, that or they’re inherently stupid even if the evidence is right in front of them.

I still maintain the view that the Coalition’s nuclear fantasy is nothing more than a ploy to keep coal and fossil fuels running for as long as possible.


I don’t think the liberals can really come back from the shame of what they have had over thr last ten years. The party has become a character e of extreme right wing policies that serves no purpose in looking after Australia and its future. I am not a fan of the current Labor government at a stare and federal level, but it is better then what we currently have in the coalition.

Not saying Tom is completely right. Because some of his posts are just bating especially with the name calling, but he does draw a point that the liberals can’t even explain their own nuclear policy over a sufficient energy policy.

In the Howard years you had some sort of intelligence in his government. I was young when he was prime minister, about 11 when he came into power.

The fact that Dutton and his sheep want to get rid of climate change, just really says a lot about how far right the party has become.

They have now and until the next election to convince me that their policies are not for their own back pocket or big business but for the people of Australia.

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To be fair, compared to his earlier days when he was just the member for Grayndler, he’s certainly a bit more ‘right-wing’ these days with some of his policies and agendas. Though I think he’s trying to work on a more centrist to appeal to the majority instead of a socialist-based approach which is certainly an election loser.

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Interesting comment.

I must admit I do get a little confused here sometimes. I often wonder to myself why members think it’s okay to call politicians or people in the public such as journalists, particularly from Sky News for example scum, nut jobs, crazy etc. I mean you’re no better really by doing that?

Sure they don’t have the best views and opinions and such but nobody here knows them personally. I think it’s rough calling them these names. What makes you a better person if you’re just going to drop to their level?