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Is a racist and completely insane muppet. The end.


Pauline Pantsdown, on the other hand… total legend.


Bit of a surprise. Wondering if it’s had anything to do with Jacqui’s latest tirades in the state politics arena where she’s not running herself but has been certainly very vocal and has been negotiating with the Premier. Wonder if Tammy was telling her to cool her jets a bit.

Two jets to get two politicians to site to make an announcement about renewables is definitely an interesting move.

The Coalition might want to keep their traps shut though, otherwise someone might trawl through their RAAF jet usage and find similarly boneheaded uses.

or maybe some helicopter usage!

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Yes in a time of cost of living crisis surely efficiencies could be saved on this. Not a great look.

But then the Coalition wants us to get outraged whilst pretending a Bronwyn Bishop never fleeced taxpayers of thousands just for a party fundraiser. At least this was ministerial duty, not some hype me up, blow my own tyre event.

Those Falcons can carry 14 passengers each - I find it hard to fathom that two ministers need 20-odd hangers-on to accompany them.

That doesn’t mean that either is a good use of the equipment. In any case, misuse is misuse, regardless of whether it’s “on the job” or not. Not to mention that both major parties have actively stopped the publishing of details about the use of these jets too.


and if they do surely there’s some who can use some commercial services or car travel.

It’s possible that due to the size of the runway at Scone the aircraft may not have been able to take a full load of 14 people. It would have made a bit more sense to fly into Williamstown and drive the 1 hour or so trip but that is if time allows for this.
Personally this is a stupid story that the Liberal Party have seased on. They are not any better. I was quite amused that Ray Hadley was so obsessed that he could not stop talking about it when there are far more important things that should be discussed. I sware more than half of he’s show was about this story.



I will note that Higginson in Macq St and Steele-John in Capital Hill are fine examples of how someone can be highly educated and yet a complete idiot at the same time.

Higginson (and Leong and their other lesser lights in the Macquarie Street bearpit) in siding with the Friends of Palestine (also apologists for Islamic authoritarianism) seem to not understand in their media releases and statements in the Assembly and Council that how demonstrations are handled is a matter for Police Command. Neither the Premier nor the police minister can direct them how to respond.

Righto I think everyone gets the point you hate Higginson, Steele-John, Shoebridge, McKim, Hanson-Young, Bandt, Leong and all the Greens really.

As an ALP member and hander out of how to vote cards since my first election in 1998, yes, of course. As seen at the last federal election, genuine working-class seats like Calwell etc. had a very low Greens vote. The actual modern Australian working class despise them. And also, in seats where they faced a strong independent, they much of their vote as they are seen as a place to park a protest vote by your average punter.


I’m amazed in the current day and age, with the technology at hand, that this even occurs. Completely undetected until they walked onto the air base.

The Minister for Home Affairs plus the Immigration Minister, have both stumbled spectacularly in the past year. Both not fit for these roles and need to be removed pronto. Likely time for a Albo mid term ministerial shuffle anyway.

One thing is clear, is that more people will crack on to this, so this won’t be the last.

As bizarre as it is, I don’t think this is going to be a huge blow for the government given we’ve already had one of these late last year/early this year and it will die away without a whiff just like that event did. The odds are that they just so happened to stumble upon an area that was unpatrolled and with luck got through, majority still won’t get through.

The days of Abbott-style feigned outrage over asylum seekers and boat arrivals are over. If voters are still getting hung up about boat arrivals as the armageddon then we’ve gone backwards as a country.


For example, over 90% of people polled in Australia by Roy Morgan and Newspoll just after 9/11 opposed unauthorised immigration by boat. Since i somehow doubt that over 90 percent of the Australian people “are racists and xenophobes and fear ‘Otherness’”, the Australian left should really give up now that it’s over 20 years since Tampa and their decades of campaigning have achieved little but to drive working class voters into the hands of Dutton/Hanson.

Belligerence and self righteousness changes very few people’s minds and as shown in October last year, telling ordinary voters what they “should” do is NOT a viable strategy.

9/11 was something that happened 23 years ago and whilst it was impactful and significant and of course people’s thoughts would be influenced by something like on that scale, it was one event and the sugar hit the Howard government got for their stance softened eventually.

No one is telling Australians how to think in relation to boat arrivals. The reality is a lot of Australians’ attitudes towards boat arrivals have become less binary and more progressive in recent years after Abbott’s boy-cried-wolf’s attempt to cut illegal migration by using Operation Sovereign Borders. Literally one wakes up every morning and said "Oh no how many refugees we’re going to get illegally coming into the country?’ Except maybe Dutton and his cronies.

Illegal boat arrivals are not desirable and the government has committed (even though I personally think is a bit of an overreach) to keeping Operation Sovereign Borders. The reality is that loopholes can be jumped through regardless of government. The Coalition can’t claim to be the gold standard of immigration when they’ve literally opposed all forms of humane treatment of refugees (legal and illegal) and have kicked refugees around as if they’re a political football. Hell the only people make a big deal out of it are the Murdoch media and anti-Labor groups.

Society as a whole has become more progressive. It’s true that sooner or later, it will be the yokels and yobbos in Hanson and Dutton territory that will be the only ones crying out loud about this, whilst most Australians continue to oppose illegal immigration but support humane treatment of refugees.

Yes, UN conventions exist, and Australia has signed them. They are therefore part of Australian law.

But they do not contain anything which (a) requires Australia to admit any person to its territory (b) requires Australia to accept any person’s claim to be a refugee, or (c) prevents Australia detaining and/or removing persons who are in Australia or Australian waters without authorisation. If they did contain such provisions, Australia would never have ratified them. And if they did, someone would have successfully litigated them.

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No one said they should just admit them. If they don’t meet the requirements then the law should deal with them accordingly. Not even if you’re Novak Djokovic.

What I was meaning was as much as things like Tampa and 9/11 largely influenced people’s thoughts about boat arrivals and Howard and co used that to their advantage, the days when these issues were bread and butter of Australian politics is over (although I’m sure Dutton would like to see otherwise). People will see it but then again unless if we’re having a Europe-like situation with migrants, most people will be indifferent to it and won’t be switching votes in droves like 20 years ago.