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Fair point. Perhaps just being more a casual drinker whenever I am on medication I can just stop drinking.

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I’d never thought this could happen, but then again this is the same party that invoked using refugees and asylum seekers as political football for a second time when they got into power in 2013.

Does Dutton seriously think the ‘battlers’ he speaks of, most of whom lives in electorates like his and neighbouring electorates like Longman and Petrie will actually benefit from deregulation that he’s promoting vs industrial reforms aimed at actual working class workers?

Or is he only appealing to those owning small businesses and those who likes doing shonky trade and exploit industrial loopholes (aka 'law-bludgers).

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Personally I think that Joyce should have known better. Personally he should have been kicked out of politics when he committed adultery with he’s political staffer years back. If any normal person did this they would more than likely be fired. Same should apply to Joyce and our elected representatives should be role models and should not act in this way.


The National (and Liberal for that matter) Party is anything but normal.

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Maybe the pollies should be drug and alcohol tested before they enter parliament. :wink:


And dual-citizenship tested :wink:

  • In short: Linda Reynolds has served as a Senator for WA since 2014.
  • She was Minister for Defence from May 2019 until March 2021, and was also Minister for Emergency Management.
  • On Monday Ms Reynolds announced she would step down at the next federal election.

#Breaking: 10 News First understands Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce will take some time away from politics at the urging of the party's leader, topping off a tumultuous week for the Member for New England who's copping heat in Canberra and in his electorate | @AshleighRaper #auspol pic.twitter.com/L4UPq5BuLf

— 10 News First (@10NewsFirst) February 14, 2024

Wise to take a break, given some details have emerged. Probably should have done so sooner.

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Also his own party is pressuring him, as well as threatening to remove him from the frontbench. TBH I’m actually still surprised he’s still on the frontbench.

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If he does (which I very much doubt he will knowing his ego) hopefully it will be a permanent one.


Can join Morrison in Hawaii :laughing:.

She said yes ❤️ pic.twitter.com/aU1Mk2WInH

— Anthony Albanese (@AlboMP) February 14, 2024

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is set to get married to partner Jodie Haydon, after a Valentine’s Day proposal.


Quite amazed that this could occur, they even made landfall and started walking down the street, locals wondering who the heck these people are. Time to beef up air surveillance.

Once one gets in, they will all just start arriving one after the other. Obviously they planned to arrive at 12am.

Home Affairs minister has been a bit asleep at the wheel of late.

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Colourful is definitely a matter of opinion. I’ve never thought of him as colourful.

He’s colourful alright. He’s about as colourful as a faecal stain.

He is often the colour of beetroot.


I never liked Joyce but he’s a lot less vile than Thorpe.

Thorpe (and Faruqi) do not seem aware that while it affords one the momentary illusion of satisfaction, the spewing of bile is never a permanent solution.

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