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While I think how some criticisms have been expressed (along with timing) may be counter-productive, Elizabeth II had been monarch for the last seven decades and the appalling colonial behaviour by the British hadn’t ended before her reign began.

Let’s not pretend what QE2 presided over was all good; we should remember and acknowledge the awful things in history too.

[Updated: I had incorrectly written 96 y as queen; she died at 96 y old]

As I said I agree that it should be addressed. After all I am definitely not someone who supports colonialism and I believe it’s important that the atrocities must be acknowledged and not ignored unlike many of those on the right thinks.

However I just don’t think that arguing the Queen is akin to a war criminal (judging by the way some have referenced her, you’d think she killed someone) by the crazies is productive to their causes.

There are classier ways of speaking about it on a public platform which gets your point across without looking like a tool like some of the Greens senators. It’s a shame for them and their party because their good points are marred by their sheer arrogance and ignorance in the way they present their perspectives.

Albanese, for example, has got the balance right. Recognising the Queen’s service whilst also recognising the significance of Aboriginal Voice and working to address the problems that are happening with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters in arms.


Regardless of one’s thoughts on the British colonial Empire, you cannot blame the Queen for events preceding her 70 year reign. Not only that, during her reign she has presided over an extensive process of decolonisation and has always been supportive of former colonies as they have become independent.


Today (& in recent decades) more than anything else the monarchy is a symbol, an anachronism carried over from and thus a reminder of an undemocratic past and the dark elements of that history.

It’s natural and logical to reflect on that history at the time of death of a monarch/when a new monarch takes over.

I think some of the outrage is itself over the top; I understand victims of past oppression voicing frustration and even anger when significant parts of the media are ignoring other news with wall-to-wall repeating coverage of the death of the queen.

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And what a novel concept not to blame those living today for something that people did generations ago :thinking:


Not only that, the Queen has almost no real power (I mean yes, in theory, but in practice, no), decisions are not made by the Queen (or the new King etc.) but are made by the government on behalf of the people.


Dutton needs to somehow pull back 20 seats to win. The landscape has changed. Whilst Labor will still shed some seats to the Teals and Greens, wont be 20 seats.

Federal Libs are stuck in a rut and I don’t believe they will be back in power anytime soon.


I actually think Labor could regain some seats from the Teals and possibly the Greens at the next election. I think it’s possible they will increase their majority. The protest vote in Brisbane against the Libs went towards the Greens because there were no Teals. I think Labor will pair this back a bit at the next election.


I hope not. Independents and smaller parties are good for democracy.

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Let’s hope so. They’ve proven that they’re out of touch with Australians. Whilst the country goes through cost of living crisis and more pressing issues they’re more worried about what Mark Dreyfus and Kirsty McBain did.

Anyone who holds centre-right views and has a brain would’ve voted for the teals and independents anyway.

Having said that Labor needs to work to getting some of those lost seats back. Griffith went Green and Fowler went Independent and both could’ve been Labor’s had they played their cards right. But they failed on one of their safest seat that was Fowler by thinking that they could parachute a divisive former state Premier and Senator who doesn’t even live in the area in and think she could win. If they had stuck their guns and endorsed Tu Le then they would’ve easily kept it.

Lots of good Independents and smaller parties out there which makes parliament meaningful (like Rebekah Sharkie of Central Alliance and Andrew Wilkie, not to mention the Teals). But there are some that just goes absolutely crazy (Bob Katter) and some just doesn’t deserve any airtime or seats in parliament (PHON or UAP).


Albo still can’t push his needle higher - thats slightly concerning

Brisbane greens won heavily also on the Runway noise problem, for those that don’t know the new BNE runway has upset the locals due flight paths. Greens want curfews, caps, and all sorts, which pulled in many votes. I noticed the members are very active on the social channels around this communicating with the community.

Outside of that I really don’t know what those two Gentlemen stand for.

Monique Ryan was on the nose last week also.

I still don’t know what half these people stand for, and want to achieve. Sounds like the stock standard Politician, however the Teals/Greens did go into the campaign promising the world.

I noted that she copped a lot of rebuke on social media for telling the Coalition MPs to “Put your masks on!” Which got the Coalition’s knickers in a twist.

I have a feeling these Teal Independents (and the cross bench in general) are basically holding their own set of goals and policies and then aligning themselves with whichever party supports their direction. Most of them promised action on climate change and supported Labor’s motion along with the Greens. I can see more of that if their policies are more aligned towards Labor but more centrist than left.

The only Coalition MP that I think has a spine is Bridget Archer. Willing to cross the floor on important issues like climate change. Sadly with the way the Coalition acts around she’ll probably be in the firing line if something happens internally.


I live in the Griffith electorate and personally I believe the new runway noise issue didn’t play as big a part in the Greens win as some would have you believe. The Greens beat it up to the max and tried to play the populist card but I don’t think it was the main issue. Transport, cost of living, climate change and anti-Morrison were bigger issues IMO. Terri Butler failed to resonate on these issues. Very few people actually think the Greens can get a curfew at Brisbane airport, and those that do are deluded and will likely switch back to Labor when the Greens fail to do so.


Given a number of these were able to get their seats as almost protest votes against incumbents, they’ll likely lose some support - whether that goes back to the previous incumbent party or their opposition will depend on the electorate.

The barrier to re-election can be harder for candidates outside of the majors - especially if they’re deemed not to be particularly effectual (its a weird situation where people accept mediocrity from the majors, but have a much higher requirement for non-major people)


Watching Question Time these days the contrast between Labor/Green/Crossbench and the Coalition is blatantly obvious and it’s clear who’s better than who at governing.

Also can I just say how good is Milton Dick as a speaker. Calm and precise yet maintains order in the House. Certainly better than the likes of Bronwyn Bishop who was so partisan you’d be forgiven if you thought Parliament was akin to a Kangaroo Court run by the coalition. She was absolutely awful and was appointed by the equally awful Abbott.


Bronwyn Bishop was just vile in the speaker role.


I’d probably call her what Tony Abbott called Julia Gillard but that’s inappropriate for this forum. She was the worst speaker ever. No hiding her bias whatsoever and all she ever did was hold court and ejected Labor MP after Labor MP.

Glad that her political career’s carked it and now she’s only doing sad little spots on Sky After Dark. The people of Mackellar has a better MP after having her for many years.


I know I’m replying to my own comment but just looking at this. Definitely no partisan here at all. Surely it must be a coincidence that all the MPs she booted were Labor ones :roll_eyes:

What an absolute joke she was.

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