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What a tool.
Absolutely disgusting fear mongering crap.


And from Nine/Firfax

Australians just paid about $2000 a minute for a press conference on Christmas Island that told them nothing new.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his entourage spoke at the event for less than 30 minutes after landing on the island in a Royal Australian Air Force jet.


Includes a link to the full interview on BBC website.


ScoMo makes international news for the wrong reason.


Probably the lamest photoshop I’ve ever seen :roll_eyes:

And the nutters that believe it… :scream:


Russian trolls at it again.



Record breaking?


2nd longest losing streak according to




What is this guy on about?


Tony Abbott v2.

Can’t let go of the past.



He should just leave politics and never be seen in the political landscape forever. He’s done nothing but bring shame to the government.


Barnaby is pure gold. I’d say he’s sealed the fate of this coalition government right there. Murmurings of leadership spills in the Nats is enough to remind voters of the Lib shambles .
Good work B.


Barnaby’s a red faced twit.


Now he gets a slap down from the Nats leader.



Backflip again and banned again.


Anning is a vile creature but I don’t think publicly egging him is helpful. Don’t stoop to that level.


An egg is a non-violent form of ridicule. I’d be happy for more people to throw eggs at Nazis.