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Explain to me how it doesn’t stack up?

An opinion poll that only asks a handfull of people are reporting a 2 party prefered poll. I don’t think it could be accurate.


A nice analysis piece on the recent behaviour of the Federal Police, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, and how they intersect with politics:

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More potential retirements


No great losses. A clean out would be a good thing for the Liberal Party. Cash, Cormann, Fifield, Abetz, Andrews and Abbott need to go too so the party can renew and present a modern alternative in Opposition. Free of baggage from the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison ‘governments’ aka Muppet Shows.


I certainly don’t agree with everything he says, even as a Christian however I’m sad to hear this. Condolences to his family.


Christopher Pyne confirms he is retiring from politics at the upcoming federal election.



Mass clean up at Liberals HQ. Good because they really need some new blood to rejuvenate.


Everyone sing along with me…:musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:


Will be a great bloodbath to see liberals go and labor get back in power . :crazy_face:

I think like labor , liberal party suffers from faction splits in the main party with both hard conservatives and moderate conservatives. There’s not much unity and I can honestly say if they loose this may then they will have a lot of soul searching to do if they expect to be taken seriously again.

I’m waiting for Dutton to piss off his comments about refugees are just inflammatory. His views only represent a small majority of Aussies (thank god) having to explain to the young refugees I work with about those comments really saddens me because it’s not they would have chosen for themselves .

The fact that labor has stuck with the same leader (Shorten) says to me they have learned their hard lessons from the Rudd- Gillard - rudd debucle. But I only question Shortens like ability and whether that can carry him through and his policies in May.


I personally still think the Labor Party would’ve become even more popular than they are now if they strategically changed their leader to someone like Albanese or Plibersek when the Liberal Party was doing better in the polls (think Late 2015/Early 2016 when Turnbull had just taken over) but at this point in the game, it’s probably best to stick with Bill Shorten even though I’m not sure if he’s likeable enough amongst the broader Australian public.


I agree I think one of those two would have been better to lead the labor party But if they changed leaders now it would be a bad and they loose all credit


Scomo can beat Shorten.

He just needs to lead a populist-style campaign… ‘Scomo and the Coalition team… a safe pair of hands’…

All political messaging needs to come from Scomo himself…

(The belligerent, aggressive, petulant performance that Angus Fraser put on with Barrie this morning is a perfect example of why Scomo needs to be front and centre).


He barely has a message to identify with voters only scare mongering, about how Australia is in trouble with all these refugees .

Liberal party will pay at this election, even if they win, I can see them loosing more seats and knowing having a majority (maybe a hung parliament)


It’s a hung parliament currently isn’t it?
Only has 73 of 150 seats and 31 of 76 in the Senate.


Yes you are correct. We could be looking at that again. If Liberal wins and gets a majority, I’d be very surprised. They would have a good chance with Julie Bishop if the Libs weren’t so backward in their treatment of women in general in politics. Scomo, in my belief has no chance.

The one thing I will say is that these polls that are coming out, I don’t trust them, only because they seem to only present a number of people surveyed, and not the whole of Australia. So no one can really know which way federal election will turn out.


With the way the polls have been recently + some of the less hated Liberals such as Bishop & Pyne calling it quits, surely the Coalition is more likely to lose seats than gain new ones come Election time?


Oh I think it’ll be a landslide unless Shorten manages to do a Hewson or Latham. My point was was that it’s technically a hung parlicement currently.



The Liberals can’t survive as a liberal party.

They lost 17 seats at the last election with a liberal as their leader.

The fewer liberals in the party the better.

John Howard showed that being conservative is the way to go… and Scomo realises that and embraces it.