Federal Politics


Yes harsh but i agree with you. Always seemed like style over substance to me.



I really don’t get the infatuation with Julie. I mean the woman tried to deny asbestos victims compensation! She was hopeless as shadow treasurer and tagged along with whichever leader she was deputy for. Despite what many think Foreign Minister is not a tough gig in this country. A pretty frock and expensive shoes and a death stare don’t really impress me. I guess it’s just the novelty of having a senior woman in the Liberals. Some will disagree with me and that’s fine but she never impressed me one bit.


I was never a fan of her but I think she was probably the Libs best asset (admittedly not a high benchmark).


As I said earlier I am not a huge fan of her policies either but out of most of the liberals she was a huge asset. It is a massive loss to the Liberals. She had a huge amount of contacts and was able to raise a huge amount of funds for campaigns.


I certainly agree she was an asset to the Liberals and a big loss to them, particularly in their present state.


Latest news poll: ALP 53 Coalition 47. Unchanged from a fortnight ago. Seems that last weeks Ipsos poll was aberrant.


That result tells me most people have completely stopped listening to anything the government says. They have lost total total trust in this government. If a border protection scare campaign can’t swing votes the Coalition’s one then the situation is terminal. And I applaud Australians for not falling for the fear mongering. They know a desperate government when they see one. An election can’t come soon enough.


I wouldn’t pay too much attention to any poll to be honest. All are just pushing an agenda.


You don’t think Newspoll reflects voting intentions and serves as a credible guide to who will or won’t be elected?


I am not saying that. It’s a poll. How accurate can a poll truely be? Especially when they are just asking for a 2 party preferred?

Last election had the most independents elected.


When has Newspoll ever got an election result wrong? They aren’t asking for 2pp, they ask for primary voting intention and then calculate the 2pp figure based on preference flows at the previous election.


Exactly. Two party preferred isn’t accurate.


Look at the previous election results and what Newspoll predicted in the poll prior to polling day. They’re very similar.


I am saying those are not accurate not previous. It isn’t accurate simple. Labour and liberal will not win all those seats.

I believe the next election will be hung.


There will be a Labor Government elected with a 10+ seat majority. The polls have predicted that for the past several years and will not be wrong.


I don’t believe it will happen that way. You are suggesting then that greens, nick xenaphon and May other independents won’t win a seat. Naive thinking. Anyway move on can’t be bothered discussing with someone who has no understanding on a poll that only asks for a two party.


It isn’t asking two party. It asks people if an election were hold today who would you vote for. The 2pp is calculated because we have compulsory preferential voting in federal elections and yes, it is a prediction but most of the seats in parliament are won by either the Labor or Coalition parties. So it makes sense to provide a 2pp poll.


Not really. Considering the last election saw the most independents elected. And we don’t know which way some of those will swing. Politics are changing and those polls are becoming more and more inaccurate.


Turdall, no offence but your analysis of why polls are wrong doesn’t really stack up.