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They will absolutely hold on as long as possible. The Government believes it is clawing back support in the polls and that if they can continue to launch Labor tax scare campaigns effectively, they could hold office. Aside from that, they have no hope.

I personally believe the polls have been indicating a 2-3% swing to Labor for several years, so this means a change of government is all but assured.

Most people aren’t retirees or even close to it so don’t care about Labor’s changes. Also most people don’t negatively gear and accept owning a first home is more of a priority for anyone rather than owning multiple. These are carefully calculated policy moves from Labor and I think the Coalition is flogging a dead horse. It may return some of their base to them (the people that have drifted after ScoMo took over etc.) but it won’t change enough swinging voters intentions to alter the election outcome. A likely majority Labor Government.


Now there is something I can agree with :kissing_heart:


I am a swinging voter. Can’t stand federal Liberals or NSW Labor.


Scott Morrison said a couple of days ago that the election will be in May.


I am sick of hearing all the speculation. A Shorten Labor Government should look at a referendum to amend the constitution to allow for fixed four year parliamentary terms, recognition of the First Australians and a clean up of any other irrelevant or out of date references in it. Time to get shit done.


Good luck getting the Australian public to agree to four year terms when some of our more recent Prime Ministers haven’t been able to last two…or even one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


…clean up of any other irrelevant or out of date references in it.

Like removing references to the British monarch!

And fix s44 so school teachers don’t have to quit before running for parliament (but like in the USA, quit before taking up their new job).

Meanwhile, I had wondered if the same surname was just a coincidence (apparently not):


Wow, this is even dodgier than it already appeared (and a great job from Fairfax/Nine revealing this):

So the LNP are so desparate (pathetic?), going so low as to creating a fake front to appear the public are behind their partisan attacks on Labor for daring to propose closing tax loopholes taken advantage of by the well off?


They’re making a bigger deal about the franking credits than anyone would care. It impacts 4% of the population. It’s a non issue. Some wealthy pensioners miss out on a tax perk.


More likely wealthy people with self-managed super funds rather than pensioners, and even then they’ll eventually restructure their investments to take advantage of the next-best available loophole.

Meanwhile the LNP’s foreigners-are-scary campaign hits another bump with Dutton caught out telling fibs again:

Mr Dutton did not say exactly who had briefed Mr Shorten…

Later, at a press conference, Mr Dutton said it was only his “understanding” that Mr Shorten had been briefed, but acknowledged that such a meeting may not have actually occurred.


I agree. If the Libs go too hard on this it will backfire on them badly. They dont really want to draw the attention of the 96% that arent getting benefit from this.


Scomo will win the next election.

It will be close, but he will do it.

Meatime Dutton will be kicked on his ass.


Are you deluded?


Tell me the seats (apart from Dickson) he’s going to lose?


Too many to name.


Well if you can’t even name one…

At least I can…

Dullard’s seat.


:roll_eyes: Stop trolling.


Well if you can’t answer, just don’t bother answering…

Capricornia? Will Labor win that? I’d suggest not.
Forde? Looks set to remain in LNP hands.

Herbert will probably go to the LNP and Corangamite will go to the Liberals.


There’s also Gilmore to consider, where Warren Mundine has been parachuted in as the Liberal candidate following Ann Sudmalis’ resignation. The Liberals currently hold a margin of 0.7%.


Corrangamite, Dunkley, Chisolm, will likely go in Victoria. Depending on mood of the real Liberal base, Kooyong, Flinders, Menzies. Deakin, Casey and Higgins may come into play. The coalition should win back Indi, but could possibly go to the Nats.