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Still, bit of slut shaming going on. Appears to have now deleted said tweet.


Not just showing how the Murdoch press are literally in bed with the Liberals?


Thanks for that. Certainly adds about more to it with that background info.


Funny side story but a teacher in my school is also called Alex Turnbull. Sure it’s not the same person? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Who could’ve predicted this? (Sarcasm of course.)

All options are available to me - except for leaving the Liberal Party

OK, so then Molan can be ignored (just like safe seat/rusted-on voters)?
Despite all the (legitimate) criticisms of Molan, at least he’s not acting like a terrorist when it comes to his own party (unlike Craig Kelly threatening to bring down the gov’t)?

But instead it looks like the Libs will ask another woman to drop out of contention to give this right wing man a winnable place on the Senate ticket.

The TV ratings year may have ended, but we still have more of this entertaining chaos in the Liberal party. :wink:


I cannot understand the desperation to save Molan.


Fairfax’s (or do we now say Nine’s?) David Crowe needs to stop writing like he’s still working for Murdoch:

The former prime minister has opened three arguments with his successor…

Didn’t Morrison start one of the arguments by misrepresenting the brief he provided to Turnbull?

On the rest of the article; too bad Turnbull didn’t stand up to the LNP RWNJs, including instead he helped keep Kelly & Abbott in parliament, and for at least the last year he just parroted their distortions.

Much as I’m enjoying watching the Libs rip themselves apart, Turnbull should stop trying to rewrite history; you can’t change your legacy after you’re gone. He may have been nobbled from the start - by making promises to the RWNJs - but that was his choice.


The LNP continues shooting themselves in the foot:

“It’s appalling and disgusting that after voting against a banking royal commission 26 times, Scott Morrison and the Liberals now want to make a profit out of it,” shadow treasurer Chris Bowen said.

Of course no one should really be surprised given his past misbehaviours:

Mr Robert is one of Mr Morrison’s closest confidantes and was one of his key numbers men in the August leadership coup.

He was subsequently restored to the ministry despite being sacked by Malcolm Turnbull in 2016 for a secret trip he made to China to promote a mining deal benefiting his close friend and party donor Paul Marks. Mr Robert also indirectly held a stake in Mr Marks’ company.

Since then, it has been revealed Mr Roberts may have breached of the constitution by owning a company which received tens of millions of dollars in company shares. Later, he transferred directorship of the company to his elderly father who said he had no idea about any of his son’s companies.

Following his restoration to the frontbench, Mr Robert repaid $38,000 of “excess usage charges” in home internet bills footed by taxpayers.

He’s the fumbling fool who just keeps on giving (to the opposition, while taking for himself?).


Absolutely agree!

Yes he was nobbled from the start but that was his choice. If he’d shown even a fraction of this fight when he was PM he’d still be there probably. And if not at least he would have gone down fighting. The man is desperate to try and redeem his lack of guts when he had the chance.


If I remember right he was fighting pretty hard to keep his position as PM. And if you didn’t know already it seems all Liberal leaders are actually led by someone much bigger. Because they read from the same line and say exactly the same things. The leader of a party isn’t really the leader they are just a figure head. Malcolm is no longer that figure head so can say what the fuck he wants.


He talked pretty big immediately after rolling Abbott about how he was gonna lead and how different it would be. Then nothing until now.


Pretty much the same as Morrison. Read my post as I said why.


Umm I get it but don’t agree entirely. Yes a parliamentary leader of a party is somewhat of a figurehead but they can and do lead the party at times. Hence they are called the leader. Few could argue Howard led the Liberals when he was PM. Occasionally the leader must influence the party and the agenda. There is no denying Turnbull indicated he would lead the Liberals in a different direction and that is what people expected.


Hahaha ignorance is bliss


So is rudeness and condescension it seems.

You seem to know it all.


Now you are understanding.


About bloody time!

Federal ministers would be subject to ASIO security vetting for the first time under a private members bill set to be introduced to parliament this week.

And of course parliament should pass this ASAP, that is if they’ve got nothing to hide…


Pathetic coverage just looking at pathetic points scoring while completely ignoring the customers that will now be lost to Australian IT companies, and the jobs that will also go, along with everyone’s security and privacy which depends on encrypted communication across the Internet.

How hard is it to understand the abuses which will inevitably follow allowing thousands of police & other government people access - without a warrant! - to encrypted communications, and requiring it to be kept secret!
Not only will there be repeats of incidents like that Qld cop who conspired with a friend to harrass that friend’s ex in violation of a restraining order, but that sort of criminal abuse by police will be kept secret!

You could lose all the money in your bank accounts when one of those thousands of people use the broken encryption which this law will force on us to get your Internet banking login name & password. (The same for online purchases.) How are you going to prove you didn’t do it?

This bad law is ripe for abuse; rather than Labor’s appalling capitulation to the LNP bullying making Australians safer, it’s doing the opposite, and sadly our media are again letting us down by ignoring the real security implications of this shoddy law.

Another sad day for Australia.


I am just waiting on them to implement the RFID chip then our privacy is gone completely.


Someone please tell this mob that 1984 is a novel, not an suggestion as to ruin our lives.