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I couldn’t give a stuff that you’re a conservative, each to their own, but what really irritates me is that you’ve resorted to behaving like a dickhead - if you can’t have a sensible discussion without the name calling then you’ll get penalty boxed.

Enough posts have been removed from this thread today - it won’t be posts from here on in, it will be posting privileges


For some reason you don’t seem to understand the meaning of irony…

There’s a very good reason why conservatives are often criticized (and rightly so), and it’s because RWNJs tend to shut down opinions from anyone who isn’t conservative (not just ‘lefties’, but anyone literally). Sure, back up what you say with facts and opinions, but promoting yourself as a hard-right conservative and calling anyone else a ‘leftie’ is just childish.

That’s why Sky News/News Corp gets criticized often, it’s because those on the programs/and the papers are doing exactly what you are doing. Dismissing anyone who disagrees with you as ‘lefties’.

And to think that you advocate the ‘hallmark’ of conservatism (freedom of speech) when you’re denying others who disagree with you their chance at freedom of speech. Freedom my arse.


And take off in the boat that carried her ASAP and leave her there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are you sure about that? You may want to check your facts (something sadly lacking in much of politics recently).
For example take a look at Tasmania right now; aren’t the Libs in gov’t there, and didn’t they get there without even one National party MP?

Let’s at least keep to the facts, even if we disagree about possible underlying causes & alternative ideas on what should be done in the future, and (as I now see) others have said let’s try to avoid name-calling.


Jesus this extremist will just not shut up. First he realise people might just not want to vote for him and his ultra conservative views. He’s a real sore loser. We do not want the likes of this Abbott sympathieser in the parliament. The only good thing about all this mess is seeing the liberals tear each other apart. Shows what type of humans these people are. The likes of Molan and that Craig Kelly person need to go.


It takes an impressive effort to make me miss my regular slapfights with Firetorch, but the shittiness of this thread made me yearn for late 2016, if only because the quality of debate was higher then…


Craig Kelly is the gift that keeps on giving. His bizarre rant is reason enough why he should not be endorsed.


Yeah that was gold, and that it took Turnbull to point out the hypocracy of these so-called conservatives.

Now that even their own Liberal party branch members don’t want these RWNJs representing them, they’re threatening the gov’t, demanding the party executive break those rules they argued for.

No doubt they’ll continue to - living in the Sky News after-dark bubble - ignore this latest evidence that the vast majority of Australian voters disagree with the RWNJs’ views and policies.


If they bow down to his demands then anyone up for preselection in future will blackmail them into selecting them again or they will quit and move to the crossbench and run as an independent.


Paul Murray was in full flight last night regarding all of this and supporting Kelly. He was particularly vitriolic towards Malcolm. Expect him to be in full hysterics and breakdown mode tonight as his precious Liberals continue to implode.


Let’s watch him lose the seat on election night.


What/another pathetic capitulation to the right-wing bullies in the Liberal Party.
The death of democracy in the Liberal Party?

Hopefully you’re right and the voters of Hughes will kick out this obnoxious, anti-fact, fowl-mouthed excuse for a representative.
(Presumably when the gov’t loses the election then it’ll still somehow be Malcolm’s fault that the right-wing toppled him.)


The Sutherland Shire is quite right-wing and conservative (this is the area that brought you the Cronulla Riots), and I would be surprised if they lost the seat based on Craig Kelly’s RWNJness.


This is where it gets blurred. I’d say they are right wing populists, but not what we traditionally think of as “conservative”.


Aspirational bogans


See these are the type of weirdos and freaks that scream blue murder at migrants etc but socially wouldn’t be the extreme Christian right that rail against abortion, sex before marriage etc etc.


Liberal MPs pass after-hours motion to change leadership spill rules

Just like Rudd did after he knifed Gillard. Worked out well for him didn’t it.


It’s all very nasty.


Ohh is that what he said? Paul Murray was carrying on like a pork chop about it. The hypocrisy from Murray after he called Banks a suicide bomber and territory and is judging the way others speak.

Who cares? Janet is vile.


In case people don’t know, Janet Albrechtsen, a columnist in The Australian, is the girlfriend of Michael Kroger. Her ex-husband John O’Sullivan, is a good friend of Malcolm Turnbull. She has been highly critical of Turnbull in her columns for years.