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Guess that settles the pavlova debate then lmao


And Russell Crowe… unfortunately



OK. I’ll go elsewhere and leave you lefties to it.




This particular didn’t want to participate in a healthy debate, instead took everything personally or dished out insults. What did this person expect? If you know they just actually took aboard the opinions… Maybe they wouldn’t have felt threatened to leave.

or my second theory it’s Santa on a Christmas drinking bindge :stuck_out_tongue:


Perfectly fine if you don’t resort to personal attacks. Which you did. Feel free to continue discussion, but going by history on this site, conservatives generally don’t feel comfortable with the moderated nature of this forum.



A hallmark of conservatism is our belief in freedom of speech.

Sorry if that upsets you leftist snowflakes.


Freedom of speech doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences over what you say.
I’ll give you an example, repeatedly using the term “lefties” or “leftist snowflakes” is actually offensive to some people, regardless of whether you think it is or it isn’t. I also think your repeated aggressive tone towards BrianC is unwarranted.
Personally, I’d enjoy an admin being much harsher with the moderation because I could safely say I’ve disagreed with at least 95% of what you’ve posted in this topic today but that would be me inflicting bias against your freedom of speech, which is very unfair if you’re contributing to the discussion.


This forum has rules and is moderated. Please read up on our FAQ/Rules section if you want further clarification of what we don’t tolerate here.


So, I’ve got an arm injury and didn’t actually get the lawn mown today (as everybody suspected, I’ve got a screw loose - just in the arm and not in the head)

But I just came back to see the near 100 posts and I apologise that my attempt at humour (two u’s) caused such great issues.

It did leave me feeling like this



So let me get this straight you are complaining that your posts are being deleted? and then you say something decent about belief in freedom of speech and then you go insult the forum posters with that comment? Come on mate. Read the rules. We all get heated in the passion of politics from time to time but doesn’t give you the right to insult the people here who are trying to have an intellectual debate.


A hallmark of conservatism is the honour of tradition, and traditionally freedom of speech was only awarded to an aristocratic class, so either you’re accepting that conservatism - like any ideology - contradicts itself and those contradictions must be reconciled with, or you’re being obtuse and conflating that with a tenet of liberalism.


No. I know the conservatism I subscribe to. That of Burke.

And Sir Roger.

Conservatism that lives and breathes. Wake up, my dear friend.


Could ask the same about you


Nevermind, forget what I said.

Ah, you can have him, we insist.


I’ll start from the start.
I’m Glenn (not that you’re allowed to ask for personal information of another forum member but I’ll allow it given it’s in my username).
I was as regular here, if not more, than you before today (can be easily searched).
I think my first answer actually answers the first bit.
If you really want to know (can’t be arsed scrolling up about 30 posts, I enquired as to why this had 60odd posts today. Then somehow you got to lecturing me about you being a LNP life member and PM Morrison having a bus with LNP on it.
Hope this clears it all up.
Oh, and just a little FYI, I’m rather bored with your line of discussion, so we will leave it at that. Thanks for your understanding, enjoy your night.


Freedom of Speech is uneeded.

Long live Chairman Kim.