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Pretty sure he didn’t say Australia invented lawn mowing. Think you completely missed the point in that it is a rather “Australian” way to end a robust discussion by simply saying you’re off to do something mundane and suburban, be it lawn mowing or whatever. Anyway if you didn’t grow up here you might not get it.

But if you want to be pedantic, Australia did invent the rotary engine lawn mower - the Victa company in 1952…

Anyway I’m off to mow the lawn :slight_smile:


Rather arrogant and obnoxious to think we don’t mow lawns in other countries… but a typical ‘Kochie’ attitude of Australia (and not surprising from someone who refers to the Liberal Party as the ‘LNP’).

We first climbed Everest in May 1953… when did Australians? A week later? A month? A year? A decade later?


Gotta love the supercilious attitude of some on here. It’s the ‘Kochie-style’ concept that Australia is the greatest country in the world, the greatest in everything and if you didn’t grow up here you’d never know nor understand. F*ck off, we’re full.

And yet… politically, Australia is a lucky country run mainly by second rate people who share its luck. It lives on other people’s ideas, and, although its ordinary people are adaptable, most of its leaders (in all fields) so lack curiosity about the events that surround them that they are often taken by surprise.


You’re still not getting it. I’m clearly talking about not “getting” the humour. I think you just proved my point there LOL.


A few roos loose there.


I think you’ve been listening to Macca for too long if you’re ranting on about the ‘mythical’ Australian ‘humor’

There’s no such thing. While your bleeding heart may cling to such a myth, the truth is… Australian ‘humor’ does not exist. Nothing distinctive. Nothing unique.

Take QT.

UK Parliament is far more witty and funny.


It exists and it’s spelt humour. Maybe that’s why you don’t get it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry. I went to UQ.

Was taught there to spell it humor.

No joke.


That explains a lot. Please don’t suck the fun out of every thread. :wink:


Well if you don’t want conservatives on here… just come straight out and say it…


Well if they can’t take a joke…


And the joke was?

Sorry… I come from a country with a great love of British comedy… we even have some good comedy of our own… (such as the FOTC)… you Australians carry on about your ‘humor’ like it’s actually noteworthy…

What was the joke again? That somehow mowing a lawn was a uniquely Australian thing?


Just a case of “lost in translation” for you.


Just another dumb Maori immigrant I guess hey?


With a chip on your shoulder.


I think if you carefully re-read the thread you’ll find I was umm, agreeing with you about the LNP. Ahem.

You might find you’re confusing me with another poster… perhaps the mythical but rather lovely sounding “Briana”

But don’t let me stop you…

I’ll be climbing Everest if you need me.


Is it possible that it’s actually you who has a chip on your shoulder?

I joined the young Nats when I was 15.

The National Party currently has both a Maori Leader and a Maori Deputy Leader…

Is it possible that New Zealand conservatives are arguably more progressive than you Australian liberals?



I’d very hardly call Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett maori but you do you.


That’s not a surprise to anyone. Who in their right mind thinks Australia’s conservatives are progressive?


So this was in reference to the LNP? Or the Liberals?