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Whilst that may be somewhat true of the LNP (it only exists in Queensland) it is not the history of the Liberal Party.


As a side note, I personally find it slightly annoying when people online refer to the Coalition federally (or anywhere outside of Queensland where the parties aren’t merged) as the LNP.

Sure, the Coalition is an alliance between the Liberal & National Parties and both are often on a similar political wavelength, but they’re still separate parties outside of Queensland!


Same here, they’re in coalition when it suits - IE to from government - but have a testy relationship most of the time. Running against each other in Victoria and NSW where they’re not the incumbent member and having no agreement at all at state level in WA, SA or Tasmania.


Psst! Politicans lie. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They are also merged in the Northern Territory as the Country Liberal Party. It is both National and Liberal.


We don’t even have a National Party per se here in Tassie. There’s been a few incarnations but nothing’s really stuck. Unless you count Steve Martin, the guy who replaced Jacqui Lambie just to leave and join the National Party despite there not even being a Tasmanian branch of the Nationals to join. I think he ended up joining the NPA and Tassie still doesn’t have a NP outside of him!


He’s listed as The Nationals according to Parliament so it must be official. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with them come election time. They must see an opportunity in Tasmania to differentiate themselves from the libs.


Yeah but what I’m saying is that he’s the only Tasmanian member. The Party doesn’t exist outside of him. I believe he chose to join them, it wasn’t an active recruitment on their behalf. All a bit odd really.


I drove past his new office just yesterday too. I didn’t realise he had one now but it had all the Nationals branding. The Nationals were in the media a couple of months ago saying they were looking at having more candidates run in the upcoming election but it was a bit odd when Steve joined. Jacqui had a tantrum about it.


You’re talking about the Queensland LNP right?
Because the Liberal party were certainly not.
And watch this space re the Queensland LNP merged entity. Another term in opposition and they will almost certainly split again.


The Liberals were formed as a liberal party. Menzies never referred to himself nor the party as conservative.


LNP Senator for Qld - could we put this down to smoke inhalation? Perhaps there was there a hidden marijuana crop in the burning scrub? Adani the little Aussie battler :open_mouth:


Personally I like LNP as an abbreviation for ‘Liberal & National Parties’ (as well as for the combined entity in Qld).
Despite them claiming differences they’re always (federally at least) in coalition so for practical purposes they may as well be a single party, and the Liberals are more divided internally than the separation between the Libs and Nats anyway. :wink:

Plus it’s preferable to another term I’ve seen: “Coalition”


Little Aussie battler???
It’s a foreign (Indian) company - not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with a foreign company - but wow, how about not saying such stupid things when people are dying from extreme weather, record temperatures/heat waves & fires in Qld and the recent rain in NSW, both of which pretty clearly fit with what climate scientists have warned us all would happen with global warming?


Sadly the only type of battler that this government is interested in helping…


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It looks like good news, this appalling draft legislation won’t be rushed in because of the uncooperative behaviour from Dutton & Morrison.

It would/will cost Australia jobs & violate our civil rights by demanding companies secretly introduce security vulnerabilities in their products’/services’ to bypass encryption (which of course bad guys would/will also find & exploit).


I’m very sorry for correcting you in the use of the term LNP when clearly I have misunderstood the context of your remark and your background in the LNP. However, would you at least agree it is often misused when describing the various coalitions federally and I’m the states?

As to the merger itself, as previously stated I feel it’s harmed both parties.

Anyway, enjoy your day, I have grass to mow.


Can you get a more Australian way to end a robust discussion! Love it!

But you’ve reminded me I should probably go out and do mine sometime.


Pretty sure Australia didn’t invent lawnmowing.

Sorry to say.