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Of course they are going to lose anyway. But they might be able to retain a few swing seats if they hold off. It would be madness to go early. This election proves it.

If for one wish they would go early. I would love a new government. But in the eyes of the libs it’s stupid.




Not just the leadership turmoil but the Abbott factor and the fact that he is still causing instability and was no doubt behind the change. I do lean to the right but far out that man is so many adjectives I can’t be bothered typing out. Do not trust, like or ever want to see representing people. He had his chance, he blew it. Let others have their chance fairly and let the people decide.


One bad decision after another.

Scott Morrison is a busy man, but surely he had time to stick around for the maiden speech by Dr Kerryn Phelps on Monday.

Pictures have emerged showing Mr Morrison walking from the House of Representatives just as the independent member for Wentworth took stood up to speak.


Julia Banks has resigned from the Liberal Party and will now sit as an Independent on the crossbench.


This gets better and better. Defeats on the floor of the house can loom large now.


Another bombshell for this government. Call an election now!


Something important you might’ve missed while Julia Banks was announcing her resignation from the Liberal Party to sit as an independent on the crossbench: Scott Morrison has announced that the 2019 Federal Budget will be announced on April 2, an extremely strong indication that the next Federal Election will most likely be held in May. Not that there’s been much doubt about the possibility of a May 2019 Federal Election recently, because it’d otherwise be a challenge to schedule it around public holidays and critical state elections.

Also, there’ll be a mid-year budget update on December 17.


Are polls suggesting that there’s zero chance for the federal Liberals to even scrape a hung parliament at the upcoming election?


It’s between whether Labor wins comfortably or Labor obliterates them out of existence


It does not look good for the libs. I think this will be good for Australia though. I wonder where labour sits on the change the date issue.


Best to keep quiet and do nothing until the election.


At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the coalition was heading for a Canadian Progressive Conservatives style obliteration in May.


This government (and I use the term loosely) is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Am I a bad person to be just so entertained by it all? :slight_smile:


I agree I just would be interested on their thoughts


tweet from cormann from 5 years ago. bet it doesn’t apply now…


This is coming from News Corp:

The rift that is tearing the Liberal Party apart
The Liberal Party is splitting and the rift could become as dramatic as the tearing apart of Labor some 60 years ago.


It fell apart as soon as Abbott gained control. He took the party far too far to the right. Howard did too, but was at least electable (to enough people).


You’re quite right. It started with Howard slowly but surely tugging the party to the right. He was just clever enough and measured enough to pull the wool over most people’s eyes. Towards the end of course the penny finally dropped for most (eg work choices).


John Howard on 7.30 tonight :joy:

“Victoria is the Massachusetts of Australia”.

Attempting to water down the Liberals’ current dire state?

Comparatively and proportionally, is that US state the 2nd biggest too and have the equivalent of 6+ million inhabitants too?

Don’t want to call a successful former PM an idiot, but what an ill informed comment!