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A RAAF jet would be cheaper.


Mark Latham to join One Nation according to that vile Sharri Markson woman.

Rowan Dean: “this is the type of leadership that the country is crying out for”
What planet does this fuckwit live on?


We now know the answer. Not this one. I believe it’s something similar to the reptilians from V. In fact, if you were to grab at Rowan Dean’s face, I believe it’d be something similar to this:


Latham was sort of sane years ago.


I’m interested to know what happens after all the media take video of the PM getting on the bus. Is there a back door where he exits or does he just step back down through the same door immediately after the photo op?



Seems the Opt Out section of the My Health Record web site has either crashed or overloaded ahead of tomorrow’s cut-off. Not a very reassuring sign.


Site has completely crashed (opted out!) BUT the Senate just passed an amended motion to extend the opt out period until 31 January 2019.


If people had been more organised it wouldn’t have been an issue. The My Health Record (originally PCEHR) has been around for well over 6 years in an opt-in capacity and there were quite a few people who were opting in. With the newer opt-out legislation, that’s also been a couple of years so it’s not the government’s fault if people have waited to the last minute to opt out and I’m sure many of the people who are just panicking and trying to get out really don’t have a clue about what it’s all about anyway or have heard from a mate’s dog that it’s not secure or that Centrelink will use it to take their money away or whatever.

I’ve implemented it at several places, I’ve been on it for years, I know how much security several medical places have (and I’ve heard how little some others have too!) and how often people already try to attack them to get their data. Anything online is not safe but we live in a world now where everything is up there.


Some good news at a NSW pre selection meeting for the senate today and Jim Molan being relegated to third on the ticket which actually places him in fourth place when combined with the nationals and they won’t get that many NSW senators.

Jim Molan is an extreme right wing nut job and is very dangerous with his vile views. He is a sky news puppet and often gets praised by that equally vile human Paul Murray.


Federal politicians saying the Victorian result has nothing to do with federal policy regarding climate change etc.


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i wold not be surprised if some of the backbenchers who look like they might loose there seats have a chat with sco-mo and “encourage” him to go to the polls early, least they get caught in a lift during a crucial division


An early election would be the worst decision. They need to hold off for as long as possible. The liberal name is not good at the moment and they need some time to pass. Look at the Victorian election results it just proves what would happen if there was an early election.


I see your point but I can’t see it getting any better for them between now and May. It’s going to get worse for Morrison personally the longer he leaves it because he’ll cop more of the blame the longer he’s PM. If he went early he could rightly blame Abbott and/or Turnbull and would be more likely to be able to stay on as opposition leader. In May that argument will have less weight, they’ll blame him for not gaining traction and replace him as opposition leader.


I actually don’t think it can get any worse the longer he leaves it. With any luck the election in NSW might buck a trend and give them some momentum. Going now would be absolutely crazy.

What you do need to remember it isn’t about Morrison it’s about the party. And he would much rather be PM than opposition leader.

The other thing is they cannot realistically have an election before May anyway with the NSW election at that time.


They’re going to lose federally anyway. If they went early, they could have some chance to win in NSW. If they don’t go early, they will most likely lose NSW too.


The party need an absolute thrashing federally if they are to survive. It’s the only way they are going to get it. They are not going to win the next election.


Yes, indeed.

MPs contemplating federal lessons from the disaster are split between three camps: those who believe the removal of Malcolm Turnbull deeply angered progressive voters who also don’t care much for his successor Scott Morrison, those who believe the leadership turmoil in Canberra was a factor but only one factor, and those who have buried their heads in the sand to insist the leadership chaos and the Liberal Party’s policy agenda played no role at all.

The Liberal Party lost because it trashed its own brand. When the prosperous residents of an electorate like Brighton suddenly vote for anyone but the Liberals in such numbers that for a long moment it appeared a 19-year-old Labor candidate who had spent $1750 on his campaign might become the local member, you can be pretty sure that something has gone seriously tits up.