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Not sure if it’s worldwide or just US only…

TBH I think there’s so many things in the hands of some ‘equity firms’ right now - and the only way we get to know them is when they buy something again, or totally f**ked up with something.

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Looks like more cafes and restaurants are introducing aweekend surcharge. I can’t believe I had to pay it today for a take away coffee.

The flagship Campos Coffee shop is now charging customers more on weekends. I feel like this might even be illegal. I thought they stripped workers of their penalty rates so they didnt have to charge more on public holidays and weekends. There is also a surcharge on paying by credit card. Plus, they have the weekday prices advertised but don’t change them or have a sign advising of surchages.

I’m a big fan of the brand but there’s no way I’m going back there to be ripped off like this.$5.80 for a large on weekdays but $6.40 on weekends. :crazy_face: Quite outrageous when I can get the same coffee locally for $4.50 to $5 and in the city for $4.30 and no credit card surcharge. Won’t be going back to the rip-off joint.

Workers can only legally have weekend penalty rate removed if they are paid more per hour for the Monday - Friday shifts. This would make the Award provisions redundant and employees would now be paid under an Enterprise Agreement. Many smaller businesses still pay weekend penalty rates. In hospitality all workers are entitled to weekend penalty rates, unless they have agreed to higher weekday rates as an alternative. This is not imposed from above by an employer, but agreed to by employees.

If employees think they are being underpaid they should email the Fair Work Ombudsman.

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I saw the ad last night during The Front Bar.


That’s interesting, I saw it last week during the first week of Finals. :thinking:

Macca’s release ‘most Australian dessert ever’ with Milo McFlurry


Discovered tonight that the Red Rooster I frequently visit on work dinner breaks (it’s down the road, within walking distance) has changed their drink selection from Coke product to Pepsi’s range. Has this happened elsewhere and how long has this happened (a co-worker suggested it’s been like that for a fortnight)?

I would be surprised if not, as they generally like to have consistency in product choice across the brand. But yep, not ideal, as I prefer Coke No Sugar to Pepsi Max.

Change seems to be across all Craveable Brands outlets - Oporto and Chicken Treat too.


They look tempting.

i tried them a couple of days ago - theyre good


I was excited to try the Milo McFlurry as it’s very nostalgic to me. My first memories of a McFlurry was the Milo one when I was a kid. I used to try and replicate it home with Milo in a mug and ice-cream.

So I got it on the weekend. I was actually surprised with how much Milo was in it. The top was smothered in Milo. The thing that doesn’t work as well anymore is that you need to spend a fair bit of time mixing it through as there’s nothing worse than getting a big spoonful of just Milo. Whereas back in the day they had those spoons that kind of half mixed it already when it came too you.

The Milo was so filled to the top that it was a bit messy to do and I also then didn’t expect the bottom of the McFlurry to have a layer of milo too. So they definitely weren’t stingy on the Milo, that’s for sure. Just a bit of work if you don’t like a mouthful of straight Milo. Still I would get it again, prefer it to the other flavours.

McDonalds have closed the store in the food court at Westfield Southland, must of been in the last week as I was there for a coffee exactly this time last Monday.

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You don’t really hear or see McDonald’s stores closing.


Its rare - usually locations they don’t have some control over.

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Must be end of lease.

There is a 24 hour McDonald’s outside Southland on the corner of Nepean Highway and Jamieson Street, so it’s no big loss.

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Isn’t there also a McDonald’s near the cinemas at Southland? I have not been there in about 6 months but I’m pretty sure that I remember one on the cinema side too, so might be the case of 2 in a centre was too many.

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The McDonalds near the cinemas has also closed, I was told today. It could be a Westfield thing as Westfield Knox lost it’s McDonalds about three years ago.

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