Fast Food and Takeaways


Ye cannae call it a Big Mac when it has bacon on it…


A Big Mac with Bacon, now that’s my type of burger!


I reckon ANY burger is not complete without bacon, be it chicken or beef. It’s a must for me.


I was not impressed as a few weeks ago I went to a cafe and they serve ‘beef rasher’ instead of bacon. I later found out that the cafe is Halal


Intriguingly the last 2 times I’ve gone to Coles as opposed to Woolworths (both times about 7pm) the self serve checkouts were closed and everyone had to go through a normal checkout. Actually feels less convenient now that you BYO bag, although it didn’t help that the Sheila 2 customers in front of me purchased about $230 worth of items.

As for Maccas, don’t feel so bad ordering via the screen (walked out once because there were issues ordering drinks), but to do it for a flat white McCafe coffee is a little too odd for my liking.


i’ve noticed this in the mornings as well. they don’t open the self serves until 9:30 or so near me so if your ducking in for bread and milk for breakfast it’s actually more inconvenient to go to coles than wollies


Whereabouts was that? It’s not exactly new, years ago I lived around Caulfield, favourite cafe didn’t do bacon or ham. Wasn’t advertised as bacon so not deceptive in any way.


You would think so but a number of times I have added bacon to the burger and they havent put it on


I often go to a Coles store on my way to work about 7.30am and self serve checkouts havent been opened yet, usually the only checkout open is the one by the cigarettes but often it gets busy and they open the checkout next to it.