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My local McDonald’s used to have four staff operated terminals on the counter, but three of those have been ripped out leaving only one with the other three replaced by two self-serve screens. There is a new McDonald’s being built closer to me and I’m wondering if it will be fully self-serve.


I’m no germaphobe but touching those screens seems a bit grim.


Any touch screen used by the public would be a bit on the grim side. Hand sanitiser would probably be your best bet.


They should test them for traces of faeces. And while they’re there traces of semen.

If there’s one thing I learnt from “Picket Fences”. There are always traces of semen. :joy:


They won’t do it until someone gets sick from them and they can prove without a doubt that it was caused by those screens. Also, cleaning those screens probably only gets done once a day - money reasons and all that jazz.


At least you said jazz


I’m not that crude…give me some credit. :rofl:


But we were all thinking it. :laughing:


i was at maccas last night (around 9pm) and i used the screens to order. another guy came in to order at the counter and they directed him to the screens. he was exremley unhappy (and drunk) about that.


Never used the screens, do they take cash?


nope. credit card only. if paying with cash you order at the screen and it prints a recipt you take to the counter - they put the order no into the system and you pay there


Donut King are probably more a nostalgic thing for most people tough I reckon as they seemed more relevant a number of years ago. Since the arrival of bigger donut brands such as Krispy Kreme, I’m not sure they are much on people’s radar. Plus I couldn’t even tell you the last time I saw a Donut King… they are possibly generally in smaller supermarkets?

This actually annoys me. It defeats the purpose of using the self serve screens. You might as well just order at the counter.


Having visited Japan and Hong Kong recently it is interesting the stark contrast in the McDonalds ordering there. Japan is still 100% counter service (even though kiosks would make it so much easier for tourists), where HK is almost 100% self serve. Very odd juxtaposition in Japan when all the local fast food chains as well as basically every Ramen shop have been using kiosks for ordering for a decade or more now.

The self serve screens in HK were way more convoluted than the Australian ones, it was hard to purchase individual items without putting them in a meal (had to scroll to the end of the list) and you got asked again if you were sure you didn’t want the item in a meal on top of that.

Both countries by far served up superior quality and cheaper food than what Australian McDonalds puts out though.


Does anybody else think like me in that if I order McDonald’s via the Self Serve screen rather than over the counter, then there’s less chance of them stuffing up my order.


Last year when I was in Singapore for 3 weeks, every time I went to McDonald’s, most of the time there was a 50/50 split in people using self serve screens & ordering in person over the counter. I myself used the self serve screens to order & I most of the time got served reasonably fast compared to McDonald’s in Australia & the food was always hot & they still have the big breakfast on the menu which I don’t believe hasn’t been available in Australia since the mid 2000’s?


Doesn’t make any difference in my experience so long as the order on the docket is correct.

If you have a complicated order then it’s definitely easier to use the screens (or the app).


Yes, I don’t like how they direct to you the self serve screens, the customer should have the choice.

And/or there should be a discount for using self service as I am doing their work for them!


Just like my local Kmart, if there isn’t anyone at the normal registers, they force you to use the self serve checkouts whether you like it or not.


Back in 2017, I was in Moscow and being able to use the touch screen at McDonald’s and being able to select English made ordering something so much easier than trying to get someone who understood me.


If you want to alter the menu items I find ordering at the kiosk a million times easier. I’ll use a kiosk then, otherwise happy to go say hi at the counter.