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Retail Food Group is looking to sell Donut King, Crust and Pizza Capers in a bid to cut their horrendous debt. RFG also announced a loss after a write down of their brands, an after tax profit of $6.6 million, and multiple sackings. They are in trouble.


When you’re essentially just selling a name - what exactly is the value of these master franchises?

They don’t own anything besides seeking rent from franchises that are suffering - of course they aren’t going to be profitable. Their attempts at becoming profitable on the backs of those franchises are what’s putting them in a death spiral.

I walk past a Crust every single day, but have never gone inside - why would I buy an expensive pizza from a chain like that, when I’ve got so many options around of local premium pizza places - or indeed just places with a nice old oven.

I think I’ve been to a Donut King in the last year, but there’s a 50/50 chance it was actually a Wendy’s. They aren’t memorable enough for me to care about the difference. I can get better donuts elsewhere, or just get some ok ones from a supermarket bakery.

The only hope for them finding buyers will be the US companies eyeing off entrances into the market - though every Crust turning into a Little Ceasers is unlikely, companies seeking aggressive expansion are about the only ones who would find any value in what they are trying to offload.


I prefer Wendy’s over Donut King, even there hot cinnamon donuts taste better than Donut King’s donuts.


Crust pizzas are actually quite good - I tried them when I went to the MCG for an AFL game.


I agree but they are just way too overpriced for takeaway pizzas. Why would I go there when I can get pizzas at Domino’s for a third of the price.


Personally I’m not sure if any of these Retail Food Group brands have been strong enough in recent years for a majority of the general public to really care much if they were to cease trading for good.

Of course it’d be bad for all the people who’d lose their jobs/franchises if they did completely shut down, but my experiences with food/drink at Donut King, Michel’s Patisserie and Gloria Jeans haven’t really been memorable enough for me to form any major connection towards the brand(s).


Because Dominos Pizzas taste like cardboard.


If you are talking about the Thin N Crispy style pizzas, then yes I agree that Dominos are very bland.

Though I love the Domino Deep Pan pizzas, even better than the Crust ones. though very fattening.


Yes, the deep pan pizzas from Dominos arent too bad actually


I’d probably say Donut King is the one that more people would have a connection with. I remember going there as a kid, though these days their range seems pretty average. The cinnamon ones are always good, provided they’re freshly cooked.


Anyone tried and can recommend the new Choc Coconut range at Maccas?

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Haven’t set foot inside a Maccas since they started insisting orders be done via those putrid self serve screens.


I’ve never used one either (*correction I was forcibly assisted by a staff kid one time but that was it).

They’ve removed heaps of cashiers in restaurants now too because of it :frowning:


I have and there nice




I would much prefer to do it myself.




I prefer to never step inside a Maccas again. I think it’s been at least 10 years since I’ve eaten there.


Very good point. Can’t tell u the last time I had it lol. So many better burger options these days. But when I have had it, or will have it, I’ll do it myself :wink:


Me too.

I only ever use the drive thru :wink: