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I had the same thing from Red Rooster last year


Pizza Huts still exists?, the one where I live closed down 11 years ago. Always use to go to Pizza Hut when I was younger, for the all you can eat the works, fantastic valve, that meant all you can eat soft serve ice cream with sprinkles! :grinning:


What beverage does KFC carry in the east?




I remember reading that KFC drinks differ between some states.

Is it bottled or post-mix Pepsi?


I’ve occasionally seen post-mix Pepsi & associated drinks at shopping centre food court KFCs, but I’m pretty sure most of them sell bottled drinks.


My local KFC is just bottled/canned beverages.


From a Victorian perspective, almost all stores i’ve been to in my area have bottled drinks. However, I have been to one in a relatively major shopping centre with post mix drinks put into a small cup. There is an extremely limited drink option in that store which is annoying, not even Solo.


Speaking of pizza chains, whatever happened to Pizza Haven? Did the company go bankrupt?


The company went defunct after it was bought out by Eagle Boys Pizza in July 2008.


Well, the algorithm works.


What beverage does KFC carry in the west?


Last time I was in WA in October 2012, they were carrying Pepsi on their stores. Not sure if that’s changed since.


Thanks. I recall reading that there’s a couple of states that come under different ownership than the rest. Can’t recall the details but thought perhaps they had different beverage agreements.


Yep, bottled Pepsi products in WA for as long as I can remember. I’m not sure exactly where I read or saw it, but some KFC’s were carrying Coke post-mix.

Collins Food Group-owned KFC’s had some differences IIRC, versus the Cowin-owned ones.


Likely because PepsiCo in used to own it until 1997, and would have had a strong relationship past that point. The franchises here would probably have always had some degree of separation so maybe could have done a different deal, but that link was certainly there.

Yeah, shopping centres are the only place I’ve seen post-mix at a KFC. That said, I prefer post-mix over the bottled stuff, so I wish more places did what Subway do and have both.


For many years McDonald’s sold only CCA’s Mount Franklin bottled water but in recent years has changed to Asahi/Schweppes’ Cool Ridge. Have to wonder how that happened.


I’ve only seen postmix at shopping centres and at one Service Centre in rural Victoria.


Even then, many food court stores have bottled drinks. I am glad that Westfield Geelong does bottles as when I lived in Adelaide, Westfield Marion had post mix and that tasted horrible


Post mix soft drinks taste terrible.