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More Taco Bell restaurants are coming to NSW.


I recently went to Zambrero’s in Glenelg and ordered a chicken IQ burrito, which came in at $14.10. It was really nice but quite expensive. Keen to hear what others think of Zambrero’s and other Mexican food chains (Guzman Y Gomez seems to be a popular chain).


Sounds like Taco Bell will be split in Australia between two master franchisees, similar to Carls Jr.


Scroll back a bit, there has been plenty of chat around Zambrero a few weeks ago. Persoanlly I love Zambrero but I see it more like a healthier fusion chain rather than a strictly Mexican chain.


Correct. According to a report in today’s Herald Sun, Restaurant Brands will open Taco Bell restaurants in NSW and ACT, while Collins Foods plan to open 50 restaurants in Queensland, SA and WA in the next three years. Neither franchisee is opening a restaurant in Victoria.


No Mexican for the Mexicans?


Victoria has its own Mexican restaurant chain Taco Bill (around 30 restaurants across Melbourne plus Albury, Ballarat and Geelong), no relation to Taco Bell of course.