Fast Food and Takeaways


I had Carl’s a couple of years ago at Bateau Bay. I plumped (sorry, pun) for the Guacamole Bacon burger- boy did I feel it a few hours later :smile:. I feel off from eating even Hungry Jack’s these days so I’m not likely to go back to CJ’s any time soon.

If you want a big “F-off” burger that doesn’t leave you feeling awful, Paul’s burgers at Sylvania are the way to go (I don’t receive consideration for this plug).


Grill’d burgers are good in that respect too.


Especially the ones with the low carb buns. It’s basically like an omelette on the top and bottom of the burger and I don’t feel so gross after eating it (like I do for most burgers).


I live on zambrero burritos at the moment. I never ate burritos until a fortnight ago and now I can’t stop eating them. Already had them 3 times this week!


I tried it once at my local shopping centre and each time we don’t eat before shopping i buy myself one. Or two.


I tried Zambreros for the first time when I was in Canberra a few weeks ago and wasn’t terribly impressed. It was okay but no better than Mad Mex or GyG and nowhere near as good as proper Mexican.

Certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to find one of their Sydney restaurants.


I went to Carl’s Jr at Knox last night and bought a Famous Star with Cheese combo with fries and soft drink. The burger was tasty and the combo is reasonably priced. I will definitely be back.


I go out of my way for it because of the healthier options. Black rice and black wrap are awesome. I don’t see it as a strictly Mexican place, more of a fusion Mexican with healthier/superfood style options.


next time try the hand breaded chicken tenders. they are quite good. i got a 5 pack one night as part of a meal and ended up not eating it all


They were so good that you didn’t eat it all?


I understand that, the servings at some places can be that big that you still can’t eat it all no matter how nice it is.


the meal was massive


If you order it in at least you are near the porcelain phone for later on.


It’s already on Deliveroo but they charge a ridiculous $8.95 delivery fee which is about twice as much as most other places on Deliveroo in my area


Unless you’re km’s away from the nearest outlet and don’t drive, I don’t understand the motivation to use Ubereats or Deliveroo for the big chains like Maccas and KFC. There are so many other better choices for the same price on the apps that I feel it defeats the purpose.


I think the most common requests on delivery apps for KFC/Maccas etc would come from drunk or hungover people. Or parents with kids.


I have had Zambrero once, in Bendigo in October 2017. The meal I chose- a chicken burrito with black rice, from memory- didn’t exactly blow me away but it was decidedly healthier than the offerings from Guzman y Gomez or Mad Mex. I note that there are stores strategically positioned along the Hume Highway; I think I’ll give the Goulburn store a go on my next trip down that way.


I am in Brisbane ahead of tonight’s Twenty20 cricket match between Australia and India, so I decided to visit MOS Burger store at Adelaide Street in the city, which is a 15 minute walk from my hotel at Spring Hill. I tried the 1972 burger, fried calamari and a large cup of ice tea, and they are pretty good. I had a look at the menu and found out that there are only three varieties of rice burger available (rice burger is a MOS specialty), I wish there will be more rice burgers on the menu. Nevertheless I look forward to a MOS burger store in Melbourne.


i quite like the teriyaki chicken burger. it’s got a nice flavour and texture without being over flavoured


Yesterday I went to Westfield Parramatta to try the food at Nathan’s Famous, located at the far end of level 5 food court right next door to JB Hi-Fi. I bought a hot dog, crinkle cut chips and an old fashioned lemonade. The food was really good but a bit pricey ($6.50 for a plain hot dog).