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Just done a Google streetview on it, that looks crazy. Boulder Rd is a busy arterial which aggravates the problem.


Yeah you have to turn right onto Boulder Rd which is a dual carriageway and then immediately turn right again into the entrance of the carpark. Very dangerous.


While we’re on Maccas, had a choc shake today (now served in the wide-round-McCafé transparent cups - mustn’t have got one for a while?) and it was a sloppy pile of shit and tasted bland, more vanilla than choc :pensive:

I remembered a really thick, have to suck on the straw hard thick, flavorsome shake years back.


Ahhh, I remember those too, shame they’re not like that anymore then.

I haven’t had one of those for years.


Ever since my local Maccas got renovated a few months ago (and made news because of the McWedding) their parking spaces have gotten tighter, my car has heavy doors and whenever someone parks next to me I had to put my hand on my door so it doesn’t hit the car next to mine…


How long has Maccas had Lift and Vanilla Coke as drink options?


I noticed it last week in the McDonald’s I was in. But they had sticky taped handwritten torn pieces of paper with Lift and Vanilla on the postmix machine!


I find HJs shakes to be still pretty decent, McDonalds ones are really hit and miss and often taste more like the flavour that was last dispensed rather than what you ordered.


Vanilla Coke seems to have made a comeback lately. I remember it was popular back in the day but it seemed to slowly phase out over the years. Now they seem to be pushing it again. It was always my favourite but I don’t drink many soft drinks these days and if I do it has to be the No Sugar variety. I don’t think Coke have a No sugar Vanilla do they? I know Pepsi Max have a Vanilla but it’s not the same.


Coke should introduce Coke Vanilla no sugar, surely it would taste better than Pepsi Max Vanilla.


They do have a no sugar variety as I had it yesterday


Is Coke Vanilla no sugar available in a 375ml can?


The one I had was in a 750 no bottle


Yeah a week or so, I wish they had Vanilla No Sugar or Diet Vanilla.


Incredible to think how that setup passed council approvals.

I’ve seen some awkward fast food store car park designs, like where McDonald’s had a store in QLD with the back loading dock crossing over the drive thru instead of running parallel like most outlets. So whenever trucks would back in for deliveries, the drive thru was out of action.


Started last week, my partner noticed it on the drink machine a few days before it launched but they werent allowed to sell it to her until the actual launch date


McDonalds in Lara Vic has the loading dock in the drive thru, trucks access it by reversing into the drive thru


It was one of the first to be built in the 70s so probably not too many damns given back then.


I’ve always preferred Lift over Solo, though unlike most of the Coca Cola Company’s products which have traditionally dominated the market, Schweppes always excelled in that brand.

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