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No nothing like & not as good as a Red Rooster Tropicana box, it was just a chicken fillet, lettuce, pineapple & mayo on a bun. It tasted ok, but it would have been better if they fried the pineapple piece & if they used a fresh chicken fillet rather than a frozen chicken fillet.


You still find similar tropical chicken burgers occasionally at fish and chip shops / milk bars / charcoal chicken shops.


Sounds like The Works burger from KFC - later renamed Classic Works after they tried to axe it once but brought it back before killing it again.


Lot’s of places still do the complimentary roll and butter.


red rooster just opened up about 1.5 km away from me. the previous closest was 6km away. I’m pretty happy they have opened, it might push the KFC next door into actully giving good service and not leaving you waiting for ages in the drive through (a 5 minute wait is standard, a 15 minute wait was not uncommon)


At my local McDonald’s it is usually quicker to go inside than use the drive-thru. I only use the drive-thru if there are no other cars.


Speaking of Red Rooster, a number of its Victorian stores are trialling home delivery of alcohol.


Probably better to use the drive-thru at McDonalds if you want human contact these days. One outlet I went into recently had all of the counter tills closed and a staff member directing diners to use the self order kiosks. I’d only used them once before and didn’t have time to F around so I walked. I only wanted a coffee and a slice of banana bread.


It’s a good point you raise. I was at one near Geelong earlier in the year, but on the flip side to your experience, this was midday and rather busy, cashiers open. But, a dedicated 17 year old was standing around, instructed to pinch someone walking in and take them and show them how to use one of those God awful touch screens. Being the kind and patient person I am, I caved in and went with him, actually didn’t seem that bad, the biggest plus was table service (is this at all Maccas now)? :slightly_smiling_face:


I hate when you go to the drive through and then they make you go and park in one of those waiting bays. It kind of defeats the purpose of a drive-thru.


Reminds me of about 10 years ago the Hungry Jacks drive thru at West Lakes SA was very full and there were no customers at all inside the store so I got served straight away


Yes, though I’ve only been to a couple of them lately, both stores did have table service and I don’t think it was part of a trial either. They usually like to be consistent, so I’d say all non food court outlets have it.


This. They also have KPIs on how long a customer spends in drive thru, so in many cases you’ll be served faster


The Maccas self serve screens are the best.

At HJ’s our service delivery goals used to be (and I’m going back a few years) 2.30 inside and 3.00 drive thru.


We have a local HJ’s where the drive thru exits straight onto a busy road. Not into a carpark or anything. Yet they have those drive thru waiting bays near the shop entrance in the carpark. So when they ask you to park you have to leave the block and come back. Very inconvenient. I went there once and someone made me park over a fucking Storm. As soon as I parked they were waiting there with it. What a load of shit.


Maybe you should’ve just… stormed out?


my local HJ’s is the same. every bloody time i’m asked to park and most of the time they are waiting there when i get around to the parking spot anyway


I would just say “nup, sorry” and stay right there if parking meant leaving the premises.

Worst drive thru I’ve ever seen is the KFC in Artarmon. Queue goes back through their tiny carpark and the drive-thru spits you out directly onto the Pacific Highway which is a nightmare. And the chicken was gross. Never again.


I was once at Maccas Drive Thru and was told to go around into the waiting bays.

They were full, so I went to the nearest parking space. Lo and behold, 10 minutes later some pissed off staff member comes out with an obviously aggressive tone and says ‘next time use the waiting bays please’.

I would’ve told her that they were full, but by the time she’d done her little spiel she’d turned around and started walking back. Well, I fucking would have if you had managed the line so that you didn’t run out of waiting bays!

Not going to Dapto Maccas ever again…


That’s bad enough, but the attitude on top…