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I tried Zambrero the other day. They seem to really push a ‘healthy’ vibe with ‘superfood’ and ‘protein’ options and stuff like vegan/gluten free products, as opposed to the other Mexican chains like Mad Mex, GyG and Salsas who don’t really care about that kind of thing.

The burrito I got at Zambrero tasted pretty good and got a decent sized portion. A bit too much rice in it IMO, but still quite good. Also a bit pricey, too. But I kinda expected that from walking into this shop which looked like it had a million dollars worth of shop fitout…


Well there’s no more Sizzlers in Sydney anymore. I know that the nearest one near me which is in Carramar isn’t open anymore. I guess they might all become Taco Bell’s perhaps.


Did the one at Campbelltown close? It looked to be still operating when I drove past earlier this year.


Yeah, there was one next to St George’s Leagues Club at Kogarah that I think closed a year or two ago.

Shame, I loved Sizzlers as a kid with their cheesy toast and soft serve ice cream bar.


From memory, Carramar Sizzler closed down in October 2015 and has since been replaced by a Rashay’s.

Yeah, that is/was Sydney’s last Sizzler standing. As for whether or not it’s still open, perhaps a good question for Media Spy’s resident Macarthur region correspondent, @TV-Expert! :slight_smile:


Campbelltown is still listed on the Sizzler website.


That must’ve been quite recent. Haven’t drove past it since Late 2016/Early 2017.

I thought the Campbelltown one might’ve closed given that there are near a McDonald’s, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Red Rooster and Oporto.


KFC 9 pieces of chicken for $9.95. If my toilet could talk, it’d be swearing at me never to do that again. :nauseated_face::joy:


You ate all 9 pieces yourself in one meal?

Three is all I can handle, I haven’t had those for a while now either.


I’d like to see a post from you not involving bodily functions or mentioning pornography.


The KFC batter is probably both the best tasting and the worst for your health.

might have a correlation there :thinking:


Sometimes those chicken pieces can taste a bit TOO greasy.


and then it sometimes gets caught in your throat and just makes you feel too sick. Surely there’s a way to airfry it as well as it being quick, cheap and nasty for the same price or whatever


As it’s been said before, there are many ways chicken can be cooked beautifully but KFC isn’t one of them - far too greasy and sickly IMO! :face_vomiting:

For the most part, I prefer The Golden Arches for my fix of cheap, tasty and unhealthy food since I’ve rarely had problems with them.


What makes no sense to me is that McDonald’s, KFC, Hungry Jack’s, Red Rooster and all the other fast food chains source their chicken from the same suppliers yet KFC manages to completely turn theirs into a greasy disgusting mess. It smells nice, but that’s all.


That’s very true re McDonald’s.

It’s very safe in that respect ie. little chance of food poisoning.


There are countless other fried chicken options out there (at least in the major cities, fried chicken of the Taiwanese (Hotstar) or Korean variety) that are vastly superior and generally don’t cost any more than KFC would in the first place.

KFC Original Recipe is always either a greasy mess or dried up and disgusting. Hot and Spicy is at least edible (still don’t understand why they won’t do it year round nation wide).


The Zambrero near me in Malvern shut down a couple of months ago which was a shame because I preferred it to most Mexican chains. To me it was a bit less Mexican and a bit more on the healthier side to the other chains which I liked, especially their black rice and wraps.

The only time I could ever bring myself to eat KFC is after a big night out and I still feel disgusting after it.

That Hot Star huge piece of chicken is sooo good! I know it can’t be good for you but I’ve tried it a couple of times. I also tried Gami for the first time the other day. A lot of people rave about it but I just found it gross. Fried chicken dipped in sauce pretty much just didn’t do it for me. We even ordered this potato bowl thing and the mash was full of cream, sweet chilli sauce, cheese etc. Gross.




…is what I miss at local pubs/bistros! Used to always come complementary with the meal paynent, now been rid :pensive:

Well, at least in my local areas. I’m sure many still operate like that though.

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