Fast Food and Takeaways



In a hatted restaurant (such as The Boathouse or Benelong) a scallop refers to seafood. In a take away it means fried potato patties.

In NSW we are a little different but we cope with having two types of scallops.

In most cities a scallop is seafood and an opera house is just a building. That’s what makes Sydney different.


Not fast food … but The Australian did a list of the hottest restaurants in Australia and didn’t put any from the ACT or NT on the list. There are some excellent restaurants in Canberra.


Indeed. How is Kingsley’s Chicken not featured?!


It’s so good it long ago expanded across the border to Queanbeyan!


Eden NSW is far enough south to adopt the Victorian potato cake…at least in the fish and chip shop I visited. I think the fuel is transported from over the border too, perhaps from Gippsland, as it’s at least 10 cents a litre cheaper than in Cooma and Batemans Bay. I also heard AFL being discussed passionately- though these folk could have been Victorians seeking our bath warm Tasman Sea waters I guess.


Tried this place called Pepper Lunch at Sunnybank. It’s a Japanese teppanyaki-style restaurant where meals come on a sizzling plate and you cook the meat yourself. Loved it. :+1:


I love Pepper Lunch. I have been to its restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne CBD.


It only just opened 9 months ago in Sunnybank. Clearly we’ve been missing out. :joy:


Surprised it’s only come to QLD now, we’ve had them (and they have at least 5 locations across the city) in Perth for about 8 years now. Good stuff for a chain.


Me too, considering the success MOS Burger had here when they opened in 2011. But at least it’s here now! Hopefully next is a Brisbane CBD outlet.


A nice prank in a McDonald’s.


There’s a debate raging over what to call different kinds of potato chips



For me, in order

Hot Chips

Reminds me of the time I was in America and I went into a tavern and asked for a bowl of chips (expecting the first one above). Big mistake - I got the last one. They said “Oh you meant fries”.


A silmilar thing happen to me during a previous trip to Singapore in 2006, I was in a Cafe in Citylink mall, I ordered a Club Sandwich & Chips, thinking I was going to get hot chips on the side, instead I got a Club Sandwich & a packet of Lay’s Original Chips.


Waiting for the outrage over this poster!


I don’t usually like McFlurrys, but the Apple Pie one they just released is pretty damn good.


So Perth just got our own T. G. I. Friday’s, is it worth it to eat and how does it stack up to the original TGI’s in the states?

oh and mods do we include Bars, Pubs and Clubs into this thread?


Chain restaurants like TGI Friday’s are bad enough in the US, combine that with the outrageous pricing the local version carries and I can’t see the appeal apart from the novelty of it being a US based chain.