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Called Potato Cakes in SA.


Potato Cakes is probably only in Mt Gambier, definitely fritters in Adelaide


Yes of course, it’s been ages since I have visited a fish shop in Adelaide, Potato Fritters, Cakes, whatever you call them they are nice & fattening & full of oil. :grinning:


I’ve never understood why you need potato scallops/fritters/cakes when you buy chips and they’re practically the same thing.


The batter on the scallops absorbs more cooking oil so you get extra fat.


The Chips normally taste better, at some fish shops they don’t cook the potato cake properly, the potato is still hard in the middle.


McDonald’s has announced its all day menu has been extended to popular items like Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, fries etc, meaning people won’t have to wait until 10.30am to order a burger.




Yeah, the thin scallops aren’t too bad, but you can taste all that fat in the thicker ones.

But I’m with @stilesykenny, I think chips taste better anyway.

Just with a bit of salt, I don’t like them with ANY kind of sauce.


welp, sounds like im getting even more fat :stuck_out_tongue:


The big chains have never been interested in selling potato scallops (I am for NSW and so will use the term scallop). The best potato scallops are crispy, golden brown, have a good slice of potato, are cooked in fresh oil and covered in salt .They are usually sold at quite “run down” looking stores. Unlike chips - that nowadays are pre-packaged and frozen - I suspect most scallops are made in store.

My two tips for scallops in Sydney:

  • The run down milk bar opposite Stanmore Railway Station.
  • Apollo Food Bar at Ramsgate Beach


I couldn’t tell you the last time that I had fish and chips, but I would much prefer to have a potato cake to chips if I am (well less chips and a couple potato cakes). I can’t even explain why I guess it’s just the texture and crispier. Plus you can get chips everywhere. You often see potato cakes in Melbourne at the little stores at train stations (like flinders st, southern cross etc) but they have often been sitting there all day and look gross. they are def better from a fish and chips shop.


Nothing beats fresh hand cut Chips compared to frozen pre packaged Chips.


My tip for potato scallops in Sydney is Concord Seafoods.


And these chips used to be stacked up in the milk bar and scooped into the fryer. A few of the chips would still have some skin on them. The off cuts would be super crunchy


potato scallops are like, the best thing ever!


Pineapple Fritters are also the best too.


Banana Fritter master race (albeit South East Asian pisang goreng are even better due to the variety of banana used), however they seem to have completely vanished after the Cyclone Larry Bananapocalyse, even though Banana prices have been relatively low for a long time now.


I had one fish and chip shop offer me cinnamon sugar on them - amazing.