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Wewre Foodora even that active in Australia the last few months? I only use these food ordering apps on the odd occasions but I’ve never even used or seen much of Foodora, all my local places seem to be on Deliveroo or Uber eats.


They had a big presence initially but maybe places abandoned them as their reputation got worse.


Japan’s MOS Burger, which has six stores in Queensland, has revealed plans to expand into Melbourne and Sydney.


There are so many international burger chains opening up or trying to expand in Australia now. My bet is that most of them will fail, or won’t expand was widely as they initially plan too. Plus I’m pretty sure I had MOS Burger in Surfers Paradise and didn’t think much of it. They aren’t really a competitor to McDonalds either, their competitors would more likely be the slightly more expensive burger chains.


I think that’s what MOS is targeting against: burger chains like Grill’d.


Hot potato cakes on a cold day my unhealthy quick go to :drooling_face: Like to think I’m not the only one into this bain-marie food?


Scallops in NSW.


Sometimes during my lunch break I used to buy a buttered ham roll then go to the fish and chip shop to get two potato scallops, then put those in the roll. It was delicious.


In Victoria they’re a seafood item :thinking:

So if I ordered a few scallops in NSW, I’d be given some potato cakes? Oh boy.

Yes, I agree Vic is in the minority of unusual things


Did you get them out of the sea first?
And, yes, I realise that I didn’t bake my potato cakes.


I was having trouble getting my head around buying potato cakes from Bakers Delight. I usually buy my scallops from the fish and chip across the road from the beach during summer but definitely not while wearing “bathers”. We don’t wear “bathers” in NSW.:open_mouth:


Do you guys still eat raw onions in NSW or is that only some of you!? :laughing:
I don’t wear bathers either, no one else needs to see my legs haha
Is amazing how every state seems to have their own little things they ridiculously call differently to everyone else.


Ah, got to love a good Melbourne vs Sydney spat once in a while, without those MediaSpy famous code wars is extra special ain’t it :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve tried MOS Burger in Singapore, quite nice and different from your typical burger joint. Looking forward to seeing them open up in Melbourne.


MOS is great in Japan, but I don’t expect the offering to be similar over here (at least that’s my experience comparing MOS in Japan and Singapore).


Ive had MOS enough to know i prefer it over alot of other places - especially the teriyaki chicken burger


Had MOS Burger in both Tokyo and Brisbane. Apart from a different bun, and a slightly larger size, our version is definitely an authentic experience. :+1:


Apparently they’re called potato fritters in WA, but I’ve only ever known them as either scallops or cakes.


I’ve mostly seen potato scallop in WA.