Eurovision Song Contest

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As long as we keep paying I’m sure they’ll keep taking our money


Says it all really.


It’s true of every other country too. Italy spat the dummy about and hadn’t participated in nearly two decades but are now back in with bells on.


Exactly. I seem to recall it’s why Romania was booted out of the contest a couple of years ago due to increasing debts to the EBU. And the “big 5” countries (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy) are only “big” because of their significant investment in the contest


From the EBU website:

But yes, an associate member can get access to part of the Eurovision system if they pay a large amount of money in addition to the membership fee, if the SBS situation sets a precedent.


Jessica’s YouTube clip has had more than 660,000 views which pretty good for a few days and a lot more than most of the others on the official Eurovision channel.


True that’s good.

This is the favourite for this year and has 3.2 million views:

I personally love it. Israel’s and Czech Republic’s songs are my favourite this year.


I really love Jessica’s Eurovision track. I have the same good feeling about Jess that I had for Dami - the songs are the perfect type of tune that will do well in Eurovision. It also gives Jess a lot of opportunity to be fun and show her personality which could be a real advantage. Finger crossed. Good to see it seems to be getting quite a big reaction too.


sorry but prefer jessicas song way more:D


You might but I don’t think the Eurovision audience will. Jess’s song is good but it is a bit generic.


The favourite doesn’t always win. The Israel entry is a bit wacko and maybe that’s why people are watching it so much.


Has the gimmick of Israel or Azerbaijan worn off?


Yes I prefer Jess’s song. Israel is the favourite at the moment but that’s no guarantee.


Yeah I agree. I feel the same way I felt about Dami’s song too. And Dami only lost because of unfortunate geopolitics that year - the Russia and Ukraine thing.


Dont get me wrong. Jess’s song is in my top 5 but I just find Israel’s, Czech Republic’s and the Belarus songs more catchy.


Jess will also perform at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam on April 14, alongside many past Eurovision contestants.


Jess song has debuted at #6 on Aria charts. I’m pretty certain its our first entrant to chart this well prior to Eurovision as they previously havnt really charted well till afrer the actual Eurovision performance. Dami’s track only peaked at #5 the week after her Eurovision performance. I guess its isJess and she’s a cobstant top 10 hit machine but good to see it getting a strong response here.


Actually it debuted at #47. It was #6 on the Australian Singles Chart.
This is a very good result for a song first week out, as it takes a lot longer to do well on the streaming platforms compared to the sales chart, considering streams make up about 2/3 to 3/4 of the charts now.


It won’t win but my personal favourite apart from Jess is the French song Mercy. I find it really funky and sophisticated. I just don’t like the Israeli song - in fact I hate it :slight_smile:


I find the France song too slow and boring and I find it hard to connect with. On the other hand I can’t stop playing the Israel song, it’s a very addictive danceable catchy song and I predict that it will be played in almost every club in Europe.