Eurovision Song Contest

@sav001 said above that SBS inserted an extra commercial break in during the results which is where it fell behind a few minutes. I was watching live and wouldn’t have known otherwise. There were still very few ad breaks overall compared to the prime time coverage.

For anyone who has seen Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, the delivery of the jury votes from Iceland was brilliant. :rofl:


Australia ended up 14th in its semi-final with 28 points ranking lowest in the tele votes with 2.

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Meanwhile, four Italian cities (San Remo, Florence, Rimini and Rome) have shown their interest in hosting next year’s competition.



I agree with this. I wouldn’t mind if they just introduced the show and appeared just before the points were announced. That would be more than enough. They made the show longer than it needed to be. Did they cut the performance from the Eurovision Winners in the Evening broadcast? I was fast forwarding a lot so not sure whether I missed it or they cut it out.


Most of the ‘traditionalists’ would have been watching the ‘live’ (air-quotes because SBS inexplicitly eventually delays it) broadcast. The primetime replay is mainly for casual viewers


You can, just stream the official EBU

Delays it how?

By inserting ads that run longer than the program break in the live broadcast. So when SBS returns to the program after the ads it isn’t live anymore.

But that doesn’t make sense with the live voting. It would be off and wouldn’t count. Lots of countries show it with commercial breaks. Ireland for one.

SBS inserted a super long ad break during the live voting, in the end they were about 2 minutes behind the live broadcast. I had to switch to Youtube to not have the winner spoiled for me.

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I wonder how that works for voting. That means Australians are voting 2 mins after the rest of the entrants. Crazy.

what? It’s only the spokesperson’s part that’s delayed. The votes are already locked in beforehand.

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Well 2 posts up it says the delay is during live voting

It was during the results, so after voting lines had closed. They obviously waited until then to insert an extra ad break.

I’m surprised you even noticed this enough to have to switch given it was right towards the very end. I watched it live and had no idea.

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It was very noticeable if you were on social media considering people were talking about which countries [insert country] gave votes to a few countries ahead of where SBS were at

It sounds like he’s on social media at the same time as watching on TV so noticed it there.

That’s why I was confused. The original comment made it sound like each commercial break had it happen, so I was scratching my head how that would be allowed.

I only noticed it because I had the Youtube stream running at the same to watch the green room/interview parts that SBS usually cuts out, preferring to show ads during those bits.

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