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Hmm, Fox Sports must’ve had a different contract then if they managed to show the NBC feed during the Stanley Cup Finals and the All-Star Game… :face_with_monocle:


I don’t often watch ESPN but found it interesting that when watching this morning that they had a local Sportscenter Now updates hosted by Mark Brown during the commercial breaks. So one update had information on Australian cricket team the other I saw had highlights of last nights A-league game.

I use to watch a lot of ESPN back when they covered a larger range of sports and I am interested in how long these local SC Now updates have been running for and how often?


i’m going to be buying mlb tv this year just to get away from espn’s horrid coverage. 3 games a week is not enough (seriously… can we get mlb tv here?)


According to, yes (the MLB website seems to not explicitly say one way or the other)

Since Australian free-to-air TV doesn’t cover MLB games, Aussie MLB.TV subscribers get access to every game of the season, live and on-demand.


i’ve emailed MLB and confirmed there are no blackouts here. when i mean 3 games a week thats what i heard espn will be showing here


ESPN tends to show the games which ESPN US airs (Sunday/Monday/Wednesday Night Baseball) along with MLB Network’s ‘Strike Zone’ (MLB’s equivalent of NFL RedZone) on Saturday mornings. Pretty sure they also air other games (using regional RSN feeds) somewhat regularly


I don’t see the point of these but ESPN so called twice weekly Sportscenter Australia opener from Wednesday (sorry for the poor quality)


Didn’t ESPN produce a local Aus/NZ edition of Sportscenter from there Bristol studios that use to screen in the mornings like at 7.00am about 10 years ago?


Someone can correct me if I am wrong I think it started in 2007 in a morning timeslot in 2010 they revamped it move into HD 16:9 studios and moved it into a 6:30pm timeslot which also saw them cut down coving local sports before it finally got axed in 2012.

Strange how their has been no advertisement for the return of SC Aus I am guessing it got reinstated at the start of the NBA session as the 2 30 minute bulletins Wednesday & Friday are build up to NBA games. From my viewing they also produce two 1 minute Sportscenter Right Now updates on Thursday and Saturday mornings. Going from this week the 2 Thursday updates only covered American sports like the 2 30 minute editions, the Saturday updates from last week were more local covering A-league highlights and a cricket story.


The only event in Australia big enough to get a world feed is the Australian Open. Everything else is small potatoes and barely watched overseas.