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The ACMA website is wrong then. Silly of me to trust them.


Further reading into BA’s press release it would seem that they would be using their three Sydney sites only for the 4K DVBTV2 trials - Gore Hill, Kings Cross and North Head.

Most likely sernario would be VHF 10 Gore Hill, UHF 29 Kings Cross and North Head.

As DVB tv2 is more effiecent technology they will most likely use lower power.

A less likely option would be UHF 29 SFN from all three sites.


I imagine part of the trial would involve varying the power level to find what the most appropriate power is.


Yes, there will be a number of different configurations & power levels trialled.


Changes to ABC television service in Hobart

Broadcast Australia has finished rebuilding the ABC’s VHF television antenna on Mt Wellington, which will improve coverage of ABC TV services for certain areas of Hobart.

These are the details you need to know about what this means for you if you live in the affected areas of North Hobart, Mt Stuart, Newtown and Lenah Valley.

The UHF service installed in 2013 to provide infill TV coverage will be switched off on 8 May 2018. The installation of the new VHF antenna means you need to do the following to continue viewing ABC on your television:

  • Retune your television to VHF Channel 8 to avoid disruption to your ABC service. Until the UHF service is switched off on 8 May, you may pick up two ABC services.
  • After 8 May you should retune your television to VHF Channel 8 to continue to receive your ABC television service and remove the old ABC UHF channel from your channel list.

For further information or if you are experiencing any difficulties you can contact the ABC Reception Advice Line on 1300 13 9994 or


didnt think vhf was still around or even used?


That’s interesting news.

I always thought infills were only used to overcome terrain related issues, not inefficient antenna designs on the transmitter site.

Residents who paid money you have aerials installed to receive the digital infill won’t be happy.


Oh yes, all the capitals and some regionals still use VHF Channels 6 to 12 for digital TV.


I just did a manual scan on VHF 10 for the Sydney test DVB T2 transmission on my 2017 Sony TV (which is DVB T2 compatible) and nothing showed up.

Either it’s not on air yet, or it’s at a lower power than the others, since I am very deep fringe.


What was wrong with the previous TX antenna of the ABC’s on Mt Wellington?

What site/s were the infill? Hobart NE suburbs, Taroona or Acton Road?


Probably. The press release about the tests only said that they would be doing them. Didn’t say they’d started


Though it was supposed to start this month.


DVB-T2 isn’t on air yet, the equipment hasn’t been installed yet, due for installation in the last week of this month.


And seeing we’re having this discussion, my observations regarding EPG (not promoted/online/print guides):

•Seven: Spot on, for every channel. Except for live sport (Friday and Saturday post AFL is laughable - why programmers continue to schedule 11pm / 10:30pm end times is beyond me).

•Nine: Possibly the worst at keeping to EPGs, certainly post reality shows as @TV.Cynic has mentioned countless times when referring to time adjusting. Makes it confusing when later shows / movies have begun. Footy Classified a personal hate of mine (starts often 30min later sometimes!)

But what Nine are excellent at, is adjusting their EPG live (after NRL for example). Seven never do this.

•Ten: Like Seven, usually spot on for every channel. But some shows (like realites - Bachelor) might go for 10-15min longer, if scheduled for 8:30pm or 9pm finish. Again live sport would also affect.

•ABC: Spot on, for every channel. And they’re the best because their promos/online/print advisories are always correct too.

•SBS. Wouldn’t have a clue.


This year the starting times are sometimes off by a up to a minute or longer with some programs starting early. I never used to have to add a minute or two before setting a recording for the ABC but I’ve had to this year.

Prime, WIN and SC Nine as as bad as each other.


My pet hate…

When TV promos and newspaper guides state the show is to start at 7:30pm, but EPG shows the program not starting until 7:35pm.

I mean, they KNEW the program was never going to start at 7:30, so it should NEVER have been advertised as such in the first place.


Nine usually is not that bad but they really pulled a stinker on me about a week ago when they put their schedule half an hour back and therefore fu*ked my recording up…

Foxtel Cable is usually on time tho.


More details on the Hobart DTV changes. What upgrades to the antenna were required and why?

Major Planned Works and Known Faults

Last Updated: 6 April 2018

Changes to Hobart ABC Television Services

Following recent upgrades to the antenna carrying Hobart’s ABC Television service, the temporary UHF33 service (channel 350 on your TV) will be switched off on Tuesday 8 May, 2018. Residents currently accessing the temporary signal will need to perform a channel re-scan on your television or set top box on or after Tuesday 8 May to ensure your equipment is receiving ABC Television services on VHF8 (channel 2 on your TV). Residents in suburbs served by the temporary UHF33 service may have received similar advice by mail. Please contact a local antenna installer if you are unsure or concerned about continued reception.

The ABC and Broadcast Australia will be holding a community workshop on 10 April 2018 to address any questions in respect to the transition. If you would like to attend the workshop, please use this link to register online.

The link mentioned directs to:

This won’t be available forever, here’s the text:

ABC & Broadcast Australia Community Workshop
Actions and Detail Panel
Sales Ended

Event Information

The ABC and Broadcast Australia are holding a community workshop on April 10, 2018 to answer your questions in relation to the UHF ABC infill service switch-off and how to continue receiving your ABC television service.


Tue. 10 April 2018
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm AEST
Add to Calendar


ABC Centre
1-7 Liverpool Street
Hobart, TAS 7001
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As linked to in the SBS Radio thread, all of the multicultural broadcaster’s radio stations are on the Digital TV multiplexes (and VAST, although Foxtel only has SBS Radio 1, 2 & Chill) as of today. Don’t know about bitrates, but here are the channel positions:

SBS Radio 1: LCN 301/37
SBS Radio 2: LCN 302/38
SBS Radio 3: LCN 303
SBS Arabic24: LCN 304/36
SBS PopDesi: LCN 305
SBS Chill: LCN 306/39
SBS PopAsia: LCN 307

Not too sure if the duplicate spots were necessary, but credit to SBS where it’s due for fitting in all their radio services + two MPEG4 HD channels.


SBS PopAsia and SBS PopDesi are approx 81 Kbps. The others are 146Kbps