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Where in Como will be the site?? It’s of interest as I use to live across the river at Oatley.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to use the Penshurst water tower 2NBC pole to mount the dab+ array with a directional antenna to the south. Cover Oatley, Como, and Hurstville grove. Where dab+ can be difficult in places.

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Not sure exactly, I heard the top of the hill near or at a mobile phone tower, & they have to get the electricity across about 150m of Crown land to the site, so I’m thinking possibly the mobile phone tower between Tudar Rd & the Woronora river near the bridge?

Is it the TXA Woronora Tv site on the eastern side of the Woronora bridge over looking Bonnet Bay??

No definitely not.

Yes I have found it on the ACMA site location map. It is the Optus / Vodafone/ Telstra mobile site at Jannali Reserve Bonnet Bay.
100m ASL. Quite a hike from the road.
Is this site to provide coverage to Bonnets Bay only like the Tv site?

Don’t know, I don’t think so, it was also mentioned about all the high rises in the area, but those are at Kirrawee, & I can’t see any great areas of Crown Land there, where the electricity would have to cross, so the site I mentioned seems best fit on the description I heard?

Side note, we actually need to move the Woronora DTV translator to on top of one of those high rise buildings, as there’s so many of them now, they block the Artarmon signals on the south side of Kirrawee & we often get complaints.


I can’t recall the current list of radio stations on the Canberra DAB+ mux’s.
Possibly this news link below might be new information for many.

The third last paragraph is the reference to DAB+ in future for Canberra community radio station 1WAY.

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Very informative explanation from 1WAY there, with a weird mix of font sizes!

I cannot find any crown land around Como.
Jannali Reserve is also known as Burnum Burnum Sanctuary near Tudar Rd.
It looks like crown land and yes there is a mobile tower at the top of the hill. It is shared between Optus, Telstra and Vodafone.
Do many people in Bonnet Bay / Woronora use the Woronora tv translator if it is going to be moved??

Grays point is a notorious bad spot for Tv reception as it is in a gully with hills either side. There is a Telstra site listed in the Royal National Park on ACMA on the Temptation Creek Trail. It is near Kirrawee but obviously no buildings there. Looking forward to finding out more when you have the details.

To answer my own question looking at Google street view there are quite a few houses on the eastern side of the Woronora River in Woronora that use the txa Woronora site for tv. Could not see any on the western side of the river but this side has better LOS towards Gore Hill / Artatmon.

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Ultra 106.5 and 7RPH in Hobart have come on DAB+ tonight!



I believe the priority should be repeating dab radio in the tunnels than a repeater in the Como area. Given how slow they were to notice the issue at Winmalee, it was only because of this forum and a bit of luck they fixed the issue. Nobody really monitors the repeaters so why spend more money. If they do need tp spend money, at least in tunnels people will notice given a lot of new cars have a dab radio.


The M4 East tunnels in Sydney have DAB repeaters in them


Great did not know that, never drove there yet. I wonder, would the emergency alerts work?

A few things in response to that. It’s the CRA Joint Venture Company paying for the Como translator.
I guess they will but I don’t know, if ABC/SBS are paying anything & will TX there (like back at the start of all the other translators)?
DAB+ repeaters in tunnels would be at the tunnel owners expense, would you be interested in paying higher tolls in the tunnels just to have DAB reception, considering the small amount of people that would listen in/hear them?

You’ve pretty well answered your own question also.
Despite the number of new cars that have DAB+ (over 2.5 million according to the latest CRA figures), a large proportion of those would be used in areas who don’t have any access to DAB+ radio, so are pointless counting, & the fact of what happened in Western Sydney with the repeaters, & other than someone from this forum notifying them there was an issue after 2 days, no others noticed or it didn’t bother them, as they just switched to AM/FM or something else. From this, it’s plainly obvious that large numbers of people aren’t listening to DAB+ in their cars, despite the fact that they can (& CRA would have us believe they do), & as I said at the time, if that issue was with AM or FM, BA & the broadcasters would’ve been overloaded with reception complaints, & it would’ve been fixed within an hour of it starting, not 2 days later.

You’ve also just got to look at most of the regional DAB+ maps, there’s poor or no coverage outside the town centres (as has been mentioned here recently), regionally people who leave the town centre won’t bother changing from DAB in town to FM out of town & back, they’ll just put it on FM & leave it there, for anyone who travels between regional centres DAB+ might as well not even exist.
Just for clarification I’m not talking Wollongong/Sydney/Central Coast/Newcastle or Melbourne/Geelong or Sunshine Coast/Brisbane/Gold Coast as the regional centres being traveled between.


re tunnel DAB radio and radio in general.
Yeah dont want to pay higher tolls :slight_smile:. I thought the CRA would pay for the tunnel operators to broadcast radio including dab (plus analog radio), so people in the tunnel would keep listening to radio rather than switch off & listen to an old fashion CD. Was wrong there, :laughing: its the other way round.

Do the tunnel operators pay for Optus / Telstra / Vodafone to keep the mobile coverage going? Or its the telco?

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Because it’s telco & highly regulated, the telcos install & maintain their own infrastructure in the tunnels, the telcos install their own infrastructure in the Sydney & Melbourne Train tunnels also.

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DAB+ HOBART     ; ensembleId 1380; channel 9A; frequency 202928; 

Audio services
program name;country;serviceId;subchannelId;start address;length (CU); bit rate;DAB/DAB+; prot level; code rate; language; program type

7HOFM           ;          ;1380;1;192;30;40;DAB+;EEP 3-A;1/2;English;Pop Music;
Kix Country     ;          ;1381;2;228;24;32;DAB+;EEP 3-A;1/2;English;Country Music;
7HO Classic Hits;          ;1382;3;252;24;32;DAB+;EEP 3-A;1/2;English;Pop Music;
Triple M HOBART ;          ;1390;17;0;36;48;DAB+;EEP 3-A;1/2;English;Other Music;
Hit100.9        ;          ;1391;18;36;36;48;DAB+;EEP 3-A;1/2;English;Pop Music;
MMM CLASSIC ROCK;          ;1393;20;72;36;48;DAB+;EEP 3-A;1/2;English;Rock Music;
Hit Easy        ;          ;1397;24;108;36;48;DAB+;EEP 3-A;1/2;English;Easy Listening;
7RPH Print Radio;          ;13B0;50;384;48;64;DAB+;EEP 3-A;1/2;unknown language;none;
Ultra 106.5     ;          ;13B1;49;336;48;64;DAB+;EEP 3-A;1/2;unknown language;none;
Hobart FM       ;          ;13B3;51;288;48;64;DAB+;EEP 3-A;1/2;unknown language;none;

New additions: 7RPH Print Radio and Ultra 106.5. Both HE-AAC v1 @ 64kbps

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I was down in Canberra today & noticed that My Canberra Digital didn’t have any audio whenever I’ve flicked to them. All other Capital DAB+ stations (2CA, 2CC & Snow at least; didn’t check on KIX Country & Coles Radio) were there as normal.

Anyone else in Canberra noticed? @littlegezzybear

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