Dancing with the Stars


Do you think most men (who are overwhelmingly hetrosexual) find Courtney Act a drawcard? She will no doubt increase LGBTIQA+ viewership but I am not sure the casting was done with most men in mind.


I think she will increase the younger demographic and add some international engagement more so.

Her first UK Christmas special did good numbers, she has a global following thanks to RPDR & The Bi-Life, she has a very strong social media presence.


Shall We Dance? Australia, Meet Your 2019 Stars.

We’ve recruited from the north, south, east and even from the West Indies to bring you a stellar line-up of celebrities who are super excited to show off their foxtrot, rumba and waltz on the all new Dancing With The Stars .

Premiering Monday, 18 February at 7.30pm, our 11 illustrious hopefuls will be rhinestoned and sequined within an inch of their lives, ready to deliver the sparkliest season yet.

And, for the first time in Australia, Dancing With The Stars will see a male celebrity paired with a male professional dancer. Shane Jenek will undertake rehearsals as himself but come show time will perform under his drag pseudonym, Courtney Act .

Courtney, a triple threat who has been practising her dance moves relentlessly, said: “My balls…. of my feet have been very sore. I’m used to high heels hurting but my feet are killing me already.”

And joining Courtney, Samuel Johnson, Sir Curtly Ambrose and Cassandra Thorburn are another seven stars.

From fitness moguls, chefs, comedians and lifesavers, will they have what it takes to shimmy, sparkle and spin their way to dancing glory, all in the name of charity?

Here’s what they had to say:

Michelle Bridges , Fitness Expert.

“At a wedding recently, I was on the dancefloor all night to the point where I busted my heel and like any good Aussie girl, I threw my shoes into the corner and kept going!”

Denise Scott , Comedian and TV Presenter.

“People do like to cheer on the underdog. Surely being the oldest in something doesn’t make you an underdog, it just makes you old.”

Olympia Valance , Actress.

“I’ve watched the show every year and I wanted to try something that I’ve never done before. How cool would it be to whip out a freaking tango at a salsa bar?”

Jett Kenny , Competitive Lifesaver and Model.

“My sister who has danced her whole life told me to go and get basic lessons, but I saw it as more of a challenge to start from scratch.”

Miguel Maestre , Chef and TV Presenter.

“Everyone is looking at me like this bowl of jamón rolling around the dancefloor!”

Constance Hall , Author and Social Media Sensation.

“I was surprised when first approached but then I realised ‘no of course they want me there, everyone needs someone to laugh at.’ That’s their angle so I’ll give it to them.”

Jimmy Rees (aka Jimmy Giggle), Children’s Presenter.

“My family are very excited, I think they have high expectations for me which I’m trying to lower.”

Dancing With The Stars is hosted by Grant Denyer and Amanda Keller.


Premieres On Monday, 18 February At 7.30pm.


That is exactly what I am talking about…


I mean, of course the show is targeted to a female demographic. Men might watch it as well but you’d have to be made not to think the target is females.


Oh I am not denying the majority of the audience would be female. My argument was that 10 wouldn’t be targeting just females. There are plenty of other demographics that they would be aiming towards with commissioning this show. The LBGTQI community is one I was referring to. And is a larger and influential demographic to be targeting than some think.


Talking about this has made me really eager to see male/female breakdowns for shows. Wouldn’t it be good to even get a one-off snapshot at what shows are more popular with which genders.



Labels required because you don’t know who the “stars” are.


Constance Hall is referred to as a Social Media Sensation. I must be living under a rock because I’ve never heard of her.

All the others I know and I think it’s a great mix. I’ve always said that Ch7 were foolish to let this show go and I think I could be proved right. I’m looking forward to it.


Read her blog it’s great.


Constance Hall is a author, blogger and has her own radio show. I only knew her from being on Big Brother 13 years ago but doing some research she has 1.2 million followers on Facebook and 366k on Instagram.


She’s a mummy blogger. Are you a mummy or do you read mummy blogs?


What’s Cass after a gig with 10 after this I assume? She seems to be wanting something because she keeps popping up.


No, not a mummy, nor do I read mummy blogs. The only mummy blogger I’ve heard of is Abi Gilmore, and that’s only because of the publicity surrounding her sacking from the Herald Sun after she copied the words from Tim Winton without giving him credit.


Filming to take place at Fox Studios .


There is a new promo on the FB page. Looks absolutely fantastic and much more edgy than Seven.


Yeah. They’re going to make exactly the same show but because it is on Ten it will be edgy. :joy:


Precisely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though, the promo actually looks great.


Seriously though, your constant, blatant digs at Seven are so obvious. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: