Crocmedia Radio


Which is more than their ~300k cume in the ratings - of which the majority would be exclusively on 1116am.

Counting each stream as a listener might get you to 40k? Over a year? Still it’s a wild exaggeration at best.

Probably fine off band? 1629 frequency was also the Radio 2 frequency in Adelaide, if the wikipedia list can be believed.


My car radio goes to 1602AM. I’d presume most would as well?


Away from the car presently but I think it goes up to 1710.


SEN SA has announced its drive team.


I genuinely think Hutchy doesn’t know it’s an off-band station, there’s some serious resources going into this

If it lasts footy season next year I’ll be stunned, regardless of programming quality


If they wanted to go down this path I think they needed to pay whatever it took to get 1611 AM in the north off Vision and 1620 AM in the south off Gumnut. Everyone has their price.


Tim Lane and Michael Barlow were guest co-hosts on Sportsday across Victoria and Tasmania this evening, while Gerard Healy and Dwayne Russell took a break.


I’d assume they’d have more luck and better receiver compatibility trying to get one of the FM narrowcast networks.

One potential path could well be digital TV - perhaps they could do a deal with Nine for an audio channel, given how much content they produce for them on TV.

Edit: My read on the legislation is that there was a defacto rule against this previously as there were limits on datacast licenses providing services that could be considered commercial radio, however stations are now free to have as many channels as they like, so there’s no need for such an audio channel to have a datacast licence.

I suppose the upcoming issue now though is that in theory Nine will own MSR, though that also isn’t on air in Adelaide so…

Still - I can’t think of any way for them to make a viable service on just off-band AM.


Oddly, the Broadcasting Services Act still prohibits the holder of a commercial television licence using that licence to provide a radio service. It probably should be changed.


Knew there was something like that but couldn’t find it, thanks.

There’s the obvious loophole that they could just make it television by adding a video feed - radio with a webcam is just as television as anything else. Might be a bit too steep of an ask over just an audio feed.

I’m surprised with the level of cross-media ownership that they haven’t pushed to have that removed, SCA carrying their radio stations on TV and Nine might want it into the future with the Fairfax ownership.


I think Craig Hutchison should pay the power bill to power the 1377 am transmitter at Rowville out of his own wallet/pocket Then he problay relize its a waste of money simlicasting 1116 and 1377


That’s the most sensible suggestion since this sorry saga was announced.

They have either underestimated the limitations or they don’t care, simply thinking a signal is a signal and that it gives legitimacy to their web stream.

There’s two shifts, four on air across them, at least one or two producers, there’s six staff for programs plus admin and sales, close to ten people, not to forget a contractor for engineering you’d think. Staff costs close to $1 million. More choice, more ownership diversity is welcome, however at the risk of sounding pessimistic, Adelaide is a very small market, growth isn’t huge.