It’s not. Haven’t got.time to look it up now, maybe tomorrow.


The attendance of the ODIs made the Foxtel coverage loOk very dull. The crowds must be an issue for cricket Australia. Maybe they should think about dropping the prices.


CA did the right thing by starting the match at the earlier time of 1.50pm knowing people have to go to work or school today.


Yeah, the last broadcast rights deal saw the Odis start at 2:20pm (EDT). When it came to night session during the last 5 overs, many people start to feel very tired and having to go to work.


It wouldn’t be a problem if over rates weren’t so damn slow. Australia is one of the worst offenders. They’re getting slower even in T20 cricket these days.

It is possible to bowl 50 overs in 3.5 hours or 90 overs in 6 hours; the JLT/Sheffield Shield is proof positive of this.


If it was doubtful they’d be hosting a test vs India this year, not be lumped with Sri Lanka next year (which thanks to the novelty factor of a pink ball may get OK crowds).


Even that will be starting to wear off now as we’ve already had a few pink ball Tests.


Who wins in t20 on Saturday

  • Australia
  • South Africa

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South Africa won the first ever Twenty20 cricket match on Gold Coast tonight, beating Australia by 21 runs. The match was reduced to 10 overs each side due to heavy rain earlier in the evening. It was the Aussies’ fourth loss in a row in T20 format after claiming the triangular T20 series against NZ and England earlier this year.


Disappointing for the Australian cricket team. The crowd at Metricon Stadium was Lower than expected. Under 14000 people came to watch the game. Gold Coast want to host a cricket match and want to build more appeal.


It was a good crowd given many left during the rain.


They sold about 15,000 tickets, so I’d say that’s about spot on what they expected given the weather.


I thought I heard them say the sold 18,000.


Radio was 15, an hour before the match was due to begin.


Oh ok. I think the coverage on Foxtel mentioned 18,000 when the rain had stopped and play commenced. Not sure which is correct or if I even heard correctly.


It says 12,866 people came to the match on the Gold Coast, which is half the capacity of Metricon Stadium.


Yeah but you can sell more tickets can’t you?


The Twenty20 game against India in Brisbane might sell more tickets and am thinking about 24000 on a Wednesday Night. Lets fast forward to the MCG T20I and the crowd might be higher with 32000 at the stadium. Don’t you agree?


I’m not sure you understand what I was discussing before…


I am thinking of crowd numbers for Twenty20 internationals against india and they will be shown exclusively on foxtel. it will be between 40% and 50% of the capacity at the stadiums.