I think it’s got to do with the atrocious tv rights deal and limited overs games are exclusively moved to pay tv. Next, there are no suburban buses that go to optus stadium for today.


I don’t think that will help but Australian’s have ran away from Cricket before when they Australian team isn’t performing so I doubt that is the only factor.

Also not really sure why a tv ratings deal would affect attendance anyway… now thinking about it. In fact one would think due to the exclusivity of Foxtel it would help attendance.


has Foxtel helped the Supercars attendance? No it hasn’t and gone backwards because of it. No coverage on free to air means less viewers/attendance wise. People switch off because of the Foxtel exclusivity, thus lose interest in the sport.


Been getting scores throughout the day and listened to some of the call, my goodness we’re in crisis! I expected a tough job and a lot of feeling with what happened earlier in the year, but wow, at one stage it was like 5/50 or something!?


I don’t follow Supercars but I do know a bit about cricket and I do know that attendance has been affected in the past by the fact Australia has performed poorly. So I don’t think the Foxtel coverage of Test etc matches is going to be the reason attendance is poor.


I wonder if Seven and Fox have enough influence to get the bans on Smith and Warner overturned. Otherwise, it’s going to a long and miserable Summer if this keeps up and the broadcasters are going to lose a lot of money.


Well, personally I think the bans should stand. The credibility of cricket would be a shambles if they suddenly overturned the punishment. However, I think the punishment was very harsh for Steve Smith. Dave Warner’s, however, I believe was bang on. I have heard some very awful stories about him on tour in the UK and I believe he is not the type of role model that should have been in leadership from the beginning.


No and they deserve their bans. You reckon cricket is in strife now, can you imagine the shit hitting the fan if CA pulled that sort of stunt?


Out of curiosity what have the attendances been for the supercars? Because i just pulled up an article say 21,000 fans turned up in Sydney. Just would be interested to know the facts because you clearly know something about it…


Australians don’t like watching their team get smashed every game either


This is because of the Ball tampering controversy that had happened since March 2018 where Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft have faced harsh penalties. What is concerning about Australia’s loss to South Africa in the first One Day International is because of cooler and milder conditions in Optus Stadium, Perth.


No, it’s because we’re not playing good cricket.


Australians don’t like watching their national sporting teams cheat either. We’ll do well in the tests, India will be their usual mush traveling.


Indeed, the same reason we lost against Pakistan in the UAE - the cooler and milder conditions…


Though this will be India’s best chance ever to win a Test series in Australia (which they’ve never done).

Starc and Hazlewood didn’t bowl well tonight against South Africa, which isn’t a good sign, as they will be the key to stopping the likes of Virat Kohli in the Tests. That’s where I think the Indian series will be won or lost.


I don’t think Australia will actually.


I’m banking on in India now performing well. Could be a couple of draws with the bat prevailing.


I still think that Mitchell Starc, Patrick Cummins and Nathan Lyon could do well in the bowling attack


Only 24,342 turned up to Optus Stadium to see today’s one-day match. I think it was the lowest attendance at the venue this year, even lower than the WAFL Grand Final on September 23 (25,064).


But more than they’d have got at the WACA ground.