But if we are going to be critical about Ten, then if Ten are bottom feeders, one would assume CA felt SBS were lower than Ten and all the other networks, but yet in the past made no comments about SBS covering games when Nine were unable to do so, such as Australia v Bangladesh series in 2003, where the series was played in July-August and the Sunday test coverage was screened on SBS. Also note the bottom-feeder comment only came out during the negotiation process - why didn’t CA try and block Ten with the Big Bash in the first place?

Its quite clear that some of board members were doing favours for their mates at News Corp and 7 and I would be investigating whether there were favours in return or whether it came down to CA not wanting to do business with Ten. I am suspicious of the timing of David Peever’s resignation, just one week after being re-appointed


Although unlikely in the 11th hour (as it is now), here is a possible scenario:

If Ten took legal action today and an injunction was issued preventing the broadcast on Seven and Fox,in the interim, I would assume that either CA would have to offer access through the CA platform OR Nine or SBS resources may be used to ensure there isnt viewer blackout. The injunction was successful in the interim, but contracts not set aside, I assume it would be a delay in the commencement of the new contract. If Nine did assume the rights this series under this arrangement, one would think that the fee would be on a pro-rata basis linked to the most recent agreement with BBL possibly screened on SBS or the CA platform


I suspect it’s beyond that, my thought is completely around money. But it would be good to see Seven directed to broadcast the ODI series.


I bet you’ll find hidden in the terms of bidding a clause that goes something along the lines of “Cricket Australia is not obliged or required to accept any offer”

@jb76 Peever should never have been reappointed prior to the report being released - questions quite rightly need to be asked whether the board consists of the right people to lead the sport.

I’m surprised the Government haven’t said more about it - part of the sports commissions remit is around governance in sport and this report raises questions to that


I have to agree with you 100%, it is possibly beyond that, but if Seven was included in the injunction, then anything is possible


Yeah look nothing will happen, my original point was that this dodgy Peever bloke was probably in cahoots with Fox and that’s why Ten were shut out of negotiations later on in the piece. Dwelling on the “bottom feeder” comment is irrelevant as that was feedback from the original bid not from the subsequent two larger bids ten made.

All this points to the lack of professionalism at CA board level and hence why they now have a sub standard tv rights deal.

There is no buzz for this upcoming ODI series and people couldn’t care less and certainly will not be driving any subscriptions at Fox.


Yep so glad Peever is going.


I did say its unlikely but i did suggest what could happen.

A funnier scenario - at least from a CA perspective would be if found to be “illegal” forcing CA to offer FREE access to all internationals played in Australia involving Australia but as you said @cmo nothing will happen.

I guess the only way something could happen is if it were found that voting officials received “payments for information” in relation to other bids during the negotiations for cricket rights


I am not sure that I agree with Mark Taylor’s opposition to the bans being lifted against Bancroft, Warner and Smith. I do however, believe none of the trio should ever hold a senior position in any team they play in(captain, vice captain etc)

I leader is supposed to demonstrate responsible behaviour and show players how they should behave. The ball tampering incident is clearly not appropriate behaviour. If you consider Shane Warne lost the vice captaincy over sending inappropriate texts, surely this is another instance where the players concerned lose their chance to lead any team again.


I agree that the bans should stay too. For me, it wasn’t JUST about the ball tampering, the cover ups with the sticky tape and also the unsavoury behaviour re the sledging that had gone too far were factors as well.


So has there been any confirmation about the live streaming for the one day series against South Africa? Cricket Australia have said it’s available on, but is that for Foxtel subscribers or can anyone watch?


The southern grandstand at Perth’s Optus Stadium will forever be known as The Justin Langer Stand after former Australian player and current national team coach Justin Langer. The renaming took place today, before tomorrow’s ODI against South Africa.

From CA website:

Fans can watch the three-match ODI series and one-off T20 on November 17 on Foxtel via Fox Cricket, and also on and the CA Live app.

I assume you will need to have a Cricket Australia Cricket ID account as the minimum to stream the match.


So anyone with an internet connection can stream the match without paying for Foxtel? I’m finding it a little odd no media outlet seems to have mentioned this, everyone has been reporting that you have to have Foxtel in order to watch. Will be interesting to see the reaction tomorrow.


Previous seasons the CA live stream has been monetised for vision of international matches. Is that changing?


As far as I’m aware, CA still have 2 levels of streaming through their app. There’s free (domestic FC/OD, WBBL for eg) and premium (mens internationals for eg).


There were (free with login) CA live streams for those JLT cup matches that were on Fox Cricket, as well as for the PM’s XI match last Wednesday. I assumed this wouldn’t extend to the paywalled international games, but perhaps I was wrong about that. In any event, free to view cricket streams in decent quality get oversubscribed and suffer from buffering. The Sheffield Shield streams work fine, but only a couple of folk and their dogs are watching.


Seems today’s international, at least, is free to view through the CA app.


A dismal day for the Australian Cricket Team where they have been bowled out for 152 runs in 38.1 overs. Top Order Batsmen have played so terribly and have been dismissed by a small amount of runs. For me, I find this match to be a sloppy, disorganised and are not concentrating well on scoring runs. The crowd at Optus stadium was low


I think this year is going to be very low attendance wise. Australia are just not in a good place cricket wise and Australian’s don’t like to watch unless Australia are winning.


The trophy Australia and South Africa are competing for (as shown in this ESPNCricinfo article) looks very sharp.