COVID-19: Impact on Sports & Culture (What do I now do on the weekends?)

Thought’s on Community Sport returning?

Some of Victoria’s Metropolitan Football League’s are considering a nine week home and away fixture plus three weeks of finals in which will see them push into October for open age football, resulting in Cricket postponing their start of the season if approved.

Personally, I don’t see the point of playing half a season when Club’s will be in financial strife if they continue to pay their Senior footballers with the loss of sponsorship etc. Especially with loss of income from the bar, canteen and team selection meal sales if mass gatherings are capped to 100.

Club’s will not be able to enforce social distancing rules as their venue’s are public areas unless you have the Police at every match enforcing the rules which will not be happening. How will they enforce the rules in the change rooms where you’ll have 24 players, coaches, medical staff and other support staff in there at once plus the change of teams from the previous the game. You can’t!

I think the 2020 season is done and start planning for 2021.

Clubs are in financial strife anyway. Get some subs or fees coming in even for a shorter season is better than nothing.

This is an issue, sure. However, you have to give a little bit of trust back to the community and either back them to follow the rules, or call out those who aren’t following the,.

Simple…you don’t shower at the ground, you arrive in your playing gear, play, then leave and shower off-site.

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If the rules allow it and the sports are able to enforce any restrictions that are in place, I dont see why not

Some may choose not to start this year - it will depend on a lot of factors

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Don’t touch each other’s balls. “You can kick their balls, but you can’t touch them,”

The official world clarifying that is “with your hands”.

don’t touch your opponent’s balls with your hands

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Public libraries will also be allowed to reopen on June 1 with numbers limited.
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Some Junior Footy Leagues in Victoria are set to be back from June 1.

In wa (where I live) this happened last week and it’s doing good actually. They split the times in half days for computer usage and book borrowing. Borrowing could be in the morning one day with computer usage in the arvo . The state library of Wrstern Australia had a 20 limit person on ground floor other floors will remain closed for the time being. You are limited for one hour usage to use computers charge your devices or request materials for
Loans in the state library.

You must sign in with your details obviously which I am happy to do to have access to the library for a bit when i need to go.

Here in Victoria, the State Library in Melbourne CBD won’t reopen on June 1, library management had been preparing to reopen on July 1! I expect the library will allow the public to visit in mid June.

Meanwhile, this year’s Stawell Gift has been cancelled due to COVID-19. It was last cancelled in 1942-45 during World War II.

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The BBC has confirmed that it will be broadcasting live Premier League games for the first time ever since the league’s inception in 1992 when games return next month.

Live Premier League football on BBC TV for the first time ever

Director of BBC Sport, Barbara Slater, says: “This opportunity creates an historic moment for the BBC and our audiences. At a time when sports fans across the country are in need of lift, this is very welcome news. We are delighted and excited to have the chance to show live Premier League games on the BBC. This will offer audiences, who haven’t had the opportunity in the past, live, free to air access to the best football league in the world, as the BBC continues to keep the country entertained during these unprecedented times.”

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Who is going to do the cleaning between sessions - cinema staff or contract cleaners?

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Do you need to know that to decide to go?

This year’s Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island has been cancelled.

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It’s a fair question I have seen ataff cleaners who have done piss poor job in cleaning seats at my local cinema before all this COVID happened.

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The revamped European schedule for the 2020 F1 season was released overnight. It will include two races each in Austria and Britain. There will be a limit on the number of pit crew personnel. Paddock staff will be tested for coronavirus before leaving for races and tested regularly on arrival. In order to limit contact with the public, they are due to be flown on chartered jets as well as staying in block-booked hotels within driving distance of the circuit.

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