Counter Play

The next great Australian drama coming to Nine. In Summer.

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So this is another web series which a network has picked up.

First two seasons on Amazon Prime have been available online since 2016. Each episode is 20/21 minutes so it should be 30 minutes on television. Looks like 9Go!

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Doesn’t show up on Amazon Prime’s search unless you type counter play as 2 words.

That’s why I created it as two words

This show is truly awful. Not only are the scripts horrible but the acting is the worst I have ever seen in any show, by everyone involved in it. How did they find so many people who couldn’t act and put them in the one show.

They spent all the money on making it look lavish and rich but it really is a woeful show. I struggled to watch a full episode on TV but it just got worse and worse and had to switch it off.

In comparison, another web series 600 Bottles of Wine is clever, witty and has somecreally good actors in it that deserve roles in other shows.

Was this on one of 9’s channels already?

I don’t think it was. I think they bought it because it was having some success online. I can’t think why unless people were watching it to see how bad a show can truly be. :joy: