Coronavirus Pandemic Impact 😷

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I imagine they’d have to stay in their room the entire time… no sitting out on the pool deck.


Images of st kilda beach today are just disgusting. People lazing around in groups all over the beach with no regard for their fellow citizens. Appalling behavior. Dan Andrews needs to shut the beaches down there.


did, thankfully

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How could this still be happening? Not good enough.

Going to the park is acceptable but congregating on the beach/other places is just a disaster waiting to happen.


Is it as bad as people are making it out to be though? Compare it to a similar day with similar weather a few weeks ago and there would be significantly less out there. I often find these photos are skewed to a small section or handful of people and don’t necessarily represent that there are heaps of people out there. Media outlets will make out like it’s the case though.

I’ve been going to the local park in the evenings because I live in an apartment and it’s the only place that I can get outside to exercise. It seems pretty busy in the evenings too but it’s not surprising as places like that are the one bit of freedom we feel like we have to get outside. Everyone at the park are still mostly respecting space and sticking within their small groups so I don’t see it an issue. I generally find an empty spot and do my workout there. I would go absolutely insane if I didn’t get out of my apartment and to the park at night so until there is a law to stop me from doing it I will continue to do so, with social distancing obviously at front of mind whilst doing it.

I do think people are stupid to even consider going to popular beaches though regardless if they are busy or not. If you are going to do it (and there’s no law that says we are locked inside) at least drive out to the middle of nowhere and find a secluded beach somewhere.

I only just got the pathethic AusGov COVID-19 SMS (at 16:15 AEDT); on Optus.
Wow. Imagine if there was a crisis and they actually needed to get a meaningful message out quickly.


Well according to Dan Andrews it’s dangerous and people are being selfish by putting lives at risk. Clearly it’s an issue rather than just some media beat up.

If people want to go down there go down by yourself. Go for a swim and then go home. No need to congregate.


The internet is struggling this afternoon.


No more than 10 people gathering in public or private properties in Tasmania after 6pm tonight - $16,800 fine if caught.


Are big families exempt?

ABC News says families with 10 people or more are exempt.


The telcos were asked to send it rather then using any emergency alert mechanism - I believe the emergency alert is a lot more rapid


The beaches will be full again tomorrow. They will just all head down the Surf Coast. I even just drove past a local park. People playing sports, people sitting over grass, groups everywhere. I am quite amazed and disgusted in how the majority of the Aussie public has responded to this crisis. Just imagine if this was a more severe fatal virus. I will be flying right on out of this country the day that happens.

I hope Dan cracks the whip this weekend.

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The problem is Australia has never had such a pandemic before. In our generation anyway. And the laid back “she’ll be right” attitude we have.

Not saying it’s an excuse but it’s something authorities will need to tackle. How to do it? Unsure.


You might need to scare people. Get the special forces out on the streets with the big guns. Start ramping up the fines. Get the tanks at the borders. Police need full powers. Fines for not following social distancing.

Shut the beaches. If you put foot on it 10 grand and arrest.

Close the westfields.

Some countries put out rules for leaving a property. Once a day for each: exercise/dog walk, to/from work, and once daily for food trip.

Those full beaches won’t sit well with the Premier of Vic so I expect action in the very near future.


Intra-state travel between WA’s regions to close from Midnight Tuesday.

Genuinely surprised this type of action hasn’t been carried out in QLD yet.

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I’d imagine that WA are doing this because they have concerns about their ability to treat patients (especially in remote regions) on top of a desire to stop its transmission as much as possible. Where are the WA cases currently located?


Great news for three reasons.

Stop the spread in regional areas where facilities are inadequate to cope with an overwhelming number of cases. It’s hard enough treating a snake bite in some Wheatbelt towns.

Stop people from the metro area raiding regional towns for essential supplies by the bus load.

Stop the self entitled who think they can simply head down south to isolate.

I think about 30 are located in regional WA, across various regions. You’d be spot on though considering facilities in some areas would be unable to cope with a couple cases, let alone more.

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