Commonwealth Games 2026 (formerly in Victoria)

Unless if the Victorian government had a horoscope and could foretell how bad inflation was going to get in the last two years, I doubt anyone would’ve been able to make a proper decision because of so many factors.

In April 2022 it was considered affordable, but that was when inflation started and then everything’s become expensive since. What was affordable back then isn’t necessarily affordable now.

I think Victorians can probably figure out that $560 million in cancelling a 2-week event is more worthy than $2.6-$6.9 billion for a 2-week event that is dying of relevance and comes and goes without true long-term benefits.

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If it was dying in relevance and had no long term benefit why bid?

Just accept they screwed this one big time. It’s okay not to always be on the side of the Victorian overlords. :joy:

If you suddenly stop posting tomorrow and we never hear from you again I guess we know Jacinta had you taken care of lol .


Don’t get me wrong I think it’s all become a bit of a farce with the way it’s surfaced again, given that biding for it was a ludicrous idea from the start and then they backtracked it because common sense prevailed.

But in the overall scheme of things I think most people would be happy with the outcome given that the alternative would’ve been a larger cost blowout which would only burden the economy more. That’s when you can take the pitchforks and baseball bats out for them government.

The Victorian government really painted themselves into a corner on this one. Once it became clear the games were going to blow out massively there was really no cheap way of getting out of the situation.

Doesn’t really help that they have a track record of paying money to break contracts i.e. with the East West Link (although that was not entirely their fault, the Liberals signing the contracts shortly before the election in the knowledge they were likely to lose and knowing that Labor was going to tear up the contract was a scoundrelous act of politicking that the taxpayer ended up footing the bill for).

Well seemingly Brisbane will show us that path - try and host the games at the original projected cost by slashing the venues.

Victoria at least seemingly will be able to do the legacy projects (at a slower timeline) without the huge costs for the one time use things, the reverse of Brisbane’s new plans, like not putting a running track and temporary stands into Mars Stadium - and then taking it all away again; and instead just upgrading their train station and doing a small capacity bump for the handful of events there long term.

Faced with two bad options, Victoria picked a good one, because Brisbane is clearly going to demonstrate that once you make the commitment to the event, you need to accept the cost overruns or the end result will suffer, and be a far bigger embarrassment to put on a bad event than to skip out on one.

Hindsight of “well don’t bid” is very easy - Victoria tried to do the Commonwealth Games a favour - a last ditch bid to save the concept when no one else was interested. It didn’t work - and now they are making a scandal out of Victoria having to pay more to cancel it as a way of the CGF building a slush fund to try and bribe another city into hosting it.


Sometimes I do wish we lived in the “dictatorships” these whack jobs seem to think we live in where dissent against government mandates was punished by death…

Ah yes, Andrews personally gave each person COVID and the pre-existing health conditions that led to their deaths.


Exactly, it’s the best solution that they pay out of the contract instead of wasting more money on actually building the games.

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The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) offered Malaysia £100m as supporting funds after the Australian state of Victoria withdrew as host.

But Malaysia’s sports ministry said the offer “will not cover the overall cost of hosting a large-scale sports event”.

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From the looks of it, no country outside the UK wants it.

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Bin it. Maybe with a finale in 2030 in the UK to send it off once and for all, I’m undecided on whether that would be a good thing or not but it would at least allow some official finality.


Unless they can find a previous host city that’s prepared to take on another games, 2026’s games are waning.

Surely 2 years is way too short notice. Even 6 years notice for 2030 is short notice for a non-major city to pull off.

2026 is dead but I for one would be sad to see the comm games go altogether. I have good memories of Melbourne 2006. And Birmingham generated a lot of interest despite the naysayers stating it is irrelevant.


It will be a loss for Australian athletes. They were good experience for the Olympics and helped improve the profile of competitors that would have helped their sponsorship chances. TV broadcasters will miss the ratings as well because they brought in big numbers over the years. Malaysia would have ben a good time zone for Australia.

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London could do it. The infrastructure is there from the 2012 Olympics. It’s the biggest and most prominent city in the Commonwealth. If anywhere could and should host it, it’s London.

I don’t think any city wants to go into debt to save these.

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They’ve been superseded in many cases by world championships in the respective sports, many of which have existed for years but not get more media coverage etc.


Singapore is not doing it, either:

In response to CNA’s query, Sport Singapore (SportSG) and Commonwealth Games Singapore (CGS) said on Wednesday (Apr 3) that they have “studied the feasibility of hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games and have decided not to make any bid to host the Games”.

This comes a few weeks after Singapore said it was “assessing the feasibility” of an invitation by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) to stage the 2026 edition.

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Glasgow has reportedly put its hand up to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games.
Will the broadcast rights stay the same, or are they all up for renegotiation?


Given they’re apparebtly offering a very scaled back games, you’d think there would have to be come renegotiation of terms

And before that, Ghana seems very eager as host:

I don’t think they’ll stand a chance against Glasgow, though…