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The minimal coverage is bizarre; even for those selfish people who don’t have any compassion for the people suffering through this, self interest means we will all be paying for this damage (and into the future) both by higher insurance premiums and tax money to repair/replace public infrastructure.

The cynic in me wonders if it’s not just because it’s not Brisbane/Sydney/etc., but perhaps also the vested interests/right-wing bias of much of Australia’s concentrated media who continue to downplay the reality of the extreme weather climate scientists have warned global warming would cause (and now is causing/making worse).

Regardless of anyone’s doubts about the cause of this disaster, it should be getting much higher prominence in the media.



I think this has to be the reason.

We had rolling coverage in 2011 of the Brisbane floods. I think some of it was shown nationally even.

From what i’ve read, those floods affected 20,000 homes, but were slow rising for at least a week as they were caused by rain further into the catchment. From memory it was sunny in Brisbane during the coverage as the river was slowly rising.

The flooding in Townsville is affecting 20,000 homes also, but has happened suddenly and the rain continues to fall with more homes possibly becoming inundated as more rain falls.

The flood was apparently the 10th highest in Brisbane’s history, while this is the worst in Townsville’s history



Yes, and there’s a federal election in three months, with the gov’t/LNP still refusing to do anything about greenhouse gas emissions/pollution.



I think another consideration is that Seven can’t offer much rolling coverage given their cricket commitments at the moment unless they use a multi-channel which would be unlikely. That lessens any competitive aspect of coverage. If Seven isn’t covering it, Nine doesn’t feel the need.



It’s usually the other way around, Seven often tends to follow what Nine does for news.

And whilst 20,000 homes may have been affected by the Brisbane floods, that’s a much lower % of their population than the same number of homes is for Townsville.



It’s amazing the wider impact the flood disaster is having in Townsville.

While my house thankfully wasn’t inundated, having around 100% humidity for the entire last week and a half has resulted in insane mould growth through people’s houses across the city. I live in a brand new house, and we’ve got mould popping up everywhere, ceiling, walls, under furniture, you name it, so indirectly, we’re actually losing possessions now as it has been destroyed by mould growth.

To add to that, I have been off work since last Thursday. Today we were told that the place has now been assessed and there has been significant damage from flooding and mould growth and have been told that we will not be returning to work until further notice. We haven’t been told anything directly yet, but as far as I know, that means no income for me now, which I never expected to see happen as someone who works full-time for the QLD government.

I can’t complain, as so many people are much, much worse off than I, it’s just so interesting to see all the other knock on effects that you wouldn’t expect



That sucks, while many are not directly affected the indirect flow on effects will be huge for many.

Meanwhile in Tasmania, we are eagerly awaiting a front coming through tonight and tomorrow with potential falls of up to 40mm for northern coastal areas and 80mm in thunderstorms through to up to 15mm in the south-east which while not extinguishing fires may finally assist many of the fires. For the first time in a couple of weeks there are also currently no emergency warnings or watch and acts, several still on advice but things looking much more hopeful now and after a couple of cooler, cloudy days the rain is being welcomed.

I noticed when driving this morning a big NSW RFS truck parked in East Devonport which must have recently come across on the Spirit of Tasmania, there’s been firies from most states and New Zealand who have been assisting.



can you please send some of that rain over here in Perth, as we desperately need it.



It literally just showered 30 minutes ago. We had average to above average rainfall in 2018 and we barely get any rainfall in January and February on average anyway.

Plenty of other places in Australia need it more than Perth!



…like Sydney and indeed, most of New South Wales. We desperately need rain in this state.



Particularly in the Murray Darling Basin, the fish dying due to a lack of a healthy water system (indirectly caused by the drought) has been horrible.



we had that big downpour in consecutive years, when it rained 100ml overnight in February and at daytime in January only last year. I am a bit surprised we haven’t had one of those this summer.



Today has been a very spring or autumn like day here in Newcastle today… Sunny and warm and without the heat or humidity, thanks to last night’s southerly change.

But I do think the season is starting to change, as the Newcastle forecast for the next week is showing only one day above 30 degrees and one night above 20 (though Tuesday is to be a hot 38 degrees), which we haven’t had since before Christmas.

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So with the state of Tasmania baking and burning only last week and a record dry January and no real hope of rain on the horizon, some places have now had over 100mm over a few days and a lot of the state was also covered in snow… yep, snow and Liawenee which was burning only a couple of weeks ago only reached 10 degrees today.
The whole weather changed a few days ago, it was the strangest thing, the temps have dropped and have been quite cold, I hope there’s still a bit of summer left to come it was a bit too sudden the change but definitely beneficial for the fires. The fires are still being fought with a lot of hot spots still being found and extinguished so they aren’t given the chance to take a run if the heat returns.




Townsville has surpassed 1000mm in one month.
Key facts:

  • Townsville recorded its wettest Ever month in any part of the year
  • Townsville has recorded its wettest Summer Ever.

I think that The rainfall will surpass its annual average rainfall in March. I predict that Townsville will surpass over 2500mm of rain this year



I doubt it honestly. The Airport station has had 1455mm for the year so far, and while March can be quite wet, we usually see barely any rainfall from April through until December.



I agree, and that the trend over recent years has been for lower than average rainfall.

I know someone who works up there, she says that the place is usually called Brownsville by locals due to how dry it has been in recent years.



Can confirm this is true.
It is actually a very dry place. When it does rain we usually do get a lot of rain, but the vast majority of the time, it’s completely dry. Decent rain only ever falls between about December and March. The last 5-6 years, there really hasn’t been any decent rain during these months at all, so the city has been in drought for ages.

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How is everything up there now?
Is it getting back to normal?
Eg. Has all the damaged furniture been picked up off the footpath?

Is there still much obvious evidence that there has been a major flood to visitors?



Most things are getting back to normal, but it’s still quite fresh, stores and restaurants that we often visit are still well and truly closed after being inundated. It’s easy to think about going to Kmart (for example) and then remember that the store we normally visit isn’t open and won’t be for a long time.

There’s still plenty of damaged furniture sitting out on the footpaths around parts of the city.

Apart from the closures of affected businesses, and the bits of furniture out on the footpaths in parts of the city, there are still plenty of places a visitor could go and not see any obvious evidence of the flood anymore.