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Just saw that they had a very hot night last night too.

Overnight minimum of 32.2… Double :scream: :scream:


Despite forecasting a top of “only” 36°C for today, Melbourne had reached 41°C just after 5:30pm this afternoon.


Well, it was nice knowing you all.


I hear an overnight low record could be recorded in Melbourne tonight?

Btw that forecast for today, wtf? Maybe tomorrow’s will come down from 43 is it?


If not, we’ll get very close. The highest minimum temperature ever recorded in Melbourne is 30.5°C, on February 1, 1902. They were a long way out with the maximum, so it may also be the case with the minimum.


here in ballarat it will be 26 tonight with a top of 41 tomorrow and today it got to 38


Interesting, regional western Vic cooler than the CBD?


That’s not particularly unusual?


Ballarat is pretty much always cooler than Melbourne in winter.


How so?


no its not


and sometimes in summer can be reversed like tomorrow melbourne will be hotter then ballarat


Sorry, I was referring to the day time max tomorrow, Ballarat 41 and Melbourne 44? I know regional is usually cooler overnight, but usually always hotter during the day.


The South West not necessarily. And looking at averages, Melbourne is higher than Ballarat in January, March and April and equal in February.




If you’re living in Melbourne or any part of Victoria, you will suffer through a hot day.


Oh, so it’s your fault?


A little bit poetic.


It was definitely the hottest night that l’ve ever experienced in Melbourne… Bloody hate summer!


Today will be Victoria’s hottest day since Black Saturday 10 years ago.

A cool change is expected to hit the coast line around 5pm but the rest of the state won’t feel the affects from that until late this evening.


37 degrees already here in Geelong at 9am, never known it to be so warm heading to work at 7am…