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You might want to avoid May as well as that’s when they do large scale hazard reduction burning in the Blue Mountains. The smoke is bad throughout the metro in May but it’s particularly foul in Penrith due to the lack of wind in the valley.


Oh yeah I have been in May before its not nice then either. To be honest I don’t know why anyone would want to live in Penrith. It still surprises me she went from London to Penrith.


Housing affordability is numero uno. But certain areas of Wollongong and the Central Coast are just as affordable with an equivalent commute. The climate in both of these regions is much better than the outer west.

Even Coffs Harbour has better summers than Penrith and Richmond, as @Mechsta can attest.


That would be about right. In fact, the CSIRO has assessed Coffs Harbour as having the most liveable climate in Australia, which can be quite debatable. At least it’s not as humid as places further north (such as around Brisbane & anywhere along the QLD coast), nor as extremely hot as places further south.


One of the things that needs to happen when Sydney experiences an extended run (OK there were those storms in November/December, but aside from that…) of dry weather:

Despite the fact it’ll have to be turned on possibly as early as this weekend, what’s the bet that people will still complain about how the Kurnell desalination plant is not needed/a waste of money in The Daily Telegraph and on 2GB? :confused:

Sure, I get that it’s expensive to have even when not operating and also how it’s since been privatised with water bills likely to go up. But with the population of the Sydney metropolitan area having only grown since the most recent drought prior to this current one, surely it’s far better for us to have a desal plant than not?


It will be damn hot in the lead up to Australia Day in south east of Australia.


Though the BOM forecasts suggest that it won’t be quite as hot as last week (thankfully).


There’s already been a few Total Fire Bans issued across Tasmania this season but all have been for either the South of the state or the North and South regions - leaving out the north-west and west coasts. Today the TFS issued their first statewide ban which is also covering the entire weekend which is pretty rare. So there is now a TFB for the entire state from 2am Thursday morning to 2am Monday morning. Also with a lot of the national parks closed it’s going to change the plans for a lot of people this Australia Day weekend.

Friday’s forecasts now have several places tipped to hit 38 and 39 degrees so there could be a few 40’s in there too especially with the smoke filled air.

One house was lost in the fire yesterday and thankfully the emergency warnings have gone down to 1 today from 7 yesterday but the next few days are going to be brutal in Tasmania and the southern states.


As seen tonight


I see Port Augusta in SA is forecast to hit a whopping 49 degrees tomorrow.

Its the highest temp I’ve ever seen forecast for a regional town in a non remote area.

Hopefully it doesn’t get that hot, it would be almost unbearable.

Adelaide isn’t far behind either at 45


Will be 46 where my parents are in Murray Bridge, gonna be a horrible day for those (my father included) who work in places without air conditioning


Not good, hope everyone (and the electricity grid) copes okay today in South Australia.


This week in Brisbane the minimum temperature has not dropped below 24-25 degrees😕Thank goodness I have air conditioning in my unit now (the second summer I’ve had it) otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sleep well


Why would anyone want to be in Muzza anyway?


Adelaide recorded its hottest ever day on record.


I dont mind the place but I am bias as I grew up there lol


Oh you poor thing.


Port Augusta has reached 49.5°C as of 4:22pm ACDT, which when rounding to the nearest whole number, meant that it reached 50°C!!!

Also, Melbourne is forecasting a top of 44°C tomorrow.


And a couple of Adelaide suburbs have peaked at 47.7 (48 rounded) - being Kent Town and Parafield.

And Melbourne is in for a HOT night tonight too, 29 degree minimum.

Only one word :scream:


Kent Town is in the inner eastern suburbs of Adelaide, which up until June 2017 was the main weather station for the city.

According to a post in a weather forum, Port Augusta’s top temp would not be seen as 50 rounded, as the rule states that .5’s round to the nearest odd number. Therefore, the top rounded temp in Port Augusta would be recorded as 49.

Hobart is going for a forecast minimum of 21°C overnight before going for a top of 37°C. Yikes!
Meanwhile, Launceston is going for a top of 32°C after an overnight low of 16°C, whilst Devonport is forecasting a top of just 25°C after an overnight low of 16°C.

On Australia Day, Western Sydney is forecasting a top of up to 42°C, whilst Sydney CBD is expecting a top of 33°C.